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repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning and another at the end of successive clauses, i

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symploce (initial and final repetition together) and epanalepsis (repetition at peripheries).
The Poetic Paradigm: Rhetorical Schemes 1 2 3 4 sound schemes alliteration rhyme consonance pararhyme assonance reverse rhyme syntactic schemes preposing centering postposing peripheralizing lexical schemes anaphora antistrophe epistrophe epanalepsis symploce
These nonlinear rhythms can then be supported by other thematic forms in the poem--pararhyme, adverbs, compound-complex sentences, the perfective aspect, relative tense, generic person, shifting tenses, shifting persons, irony, dialectical discourse patterning, colloquial/slangy diction, symploce, prominent intonational patterning, and so forth.
Supporting this point are the examples in the text of epanalepsis, disjunctio, polyptoton (see below), epizeuxis, and symploce.