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Synonyms for sympathizer

Synonyms for sympathizer

commiserates with someone who has had misfortune

someone who shares your feelings or opinions and hopes that you will be successful

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Good as it is, The Sympathizer is sometimes marred by overwriting.
The situation is even more confused because the Pentagon has authorized the killing of "suspected" sympathizers.
The papers languished in boxes until Guthrie's daughter Nora asked Bragg, a British musician whose consistently, nay constantly expressed politics make him a logical Guthrie sympathizer, to be her father's cowriter.
Because Oppenheimer was the director of Los Alamos--and because he was a well-known Communist sympathizer before the war--the charge against him is the most serious of Sudoplatov's and is to many the most credible.
With little character development and somewhat weightless dialog, Harlow tells a story that is almost entirely driven by plot and not entirely believable--two young teenagers uncover a German spy and sympathizer operation, with the Navy and FBI unable to do so.
How convenient for the plot, for example, that the mustache-twirling Teck de Brancovis (played by Ted Barton), a Nazi sympathizer, is a guest at the Farrellys' house just as the anti-fascist Kurt and Sara (Melora Marshall) arrive.
So reconstructing Iraq's legal system will involve an advocate of executive dictatorship, and organizing the country's loyal opposition will be supervised by an "ex"-Taliban sympathizer.
Kennedy twice bedded suspected spies - accused Nazi sympathizer Inga Arvad and alleged East German operative Ellen Romisch.
A Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) sympathizer who was seriously wounded during clashes with riot police in YE-ksekova, a city in Hakkari province, on Friday died on Wednesday.
Lindsay's undervolumed, unfocused portrayal never brings to life the complex persona of Carrie Philips, the longtime mistress, blackmailer and World War I German sympathizer.
PKK sympathizer came to nearby the Cemevi in Istanbul's Kucukcekmece district and started to hurl stones and chanted slogans.
Netanyahu attacked Barak as an Arab sympathizer and a leftist at a press conference Sunday.
After the warnings, Turkish security forces tried to disperse the PKK sympathizer by pressurized water with water canons.
According the information given by the local authorities wearing masks hundreds of PKK sympathizer gathered on the Eminaga Street in Adana's district of Seyhan.