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Synonyms for sympathise

share the feelings of


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to feel or express sympathy or compassion

be understanding of

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The share of Republicans who sympathise with Israel has never been higher, dating back four decades
I sympathise even more with her young son, who is receiving so many mixed messages now to what is the 'norm'' in behaviour.
Of course, we must sympathise with any council official selling an ill-thought-out solution, rather than offering a serious attempt to control the behaviour of sales firms which adopt aggressive sales and marketing techniques, and perhaps is eager to gain brownie points for the introduction of such a scheme.
I can sympathise that having failed in his attempt, he is very upset.
I VERY much sympathise with your correspondent, Alan Wright, (August 30) who for a large part of the year, university term-time, has to endure unnecessary noise and disturbance from his ever changing part-time neighbours.
Blair said: "I sympathise fully with those who'll lose their jobs.
But I do sympathise with him because when he took over we were on a very bad run and I think we actually have a weaker squad now than we did six games ago because he has had no choice but to bring the young players through.
Watching his estranged vapid wife Alex on I'mA Celebrity -Get Me Out of Here,I'mcoming to sympathise with George more and more.
bar] SIR - I sympathise with the Croesyceiliog student forced to complete the Welsh Bac ("Welsh Bac 'worth less than A-level A-grade'", May 14).
I MUST sympathise with the gentleman who wrote concerning the spoiling of his walk by the sight of beer cans, old tyres, fast food boxes and broken household appliances being strewn all over the place ("Appalled by discarded rubbish in landscape", Voice of the North, January 16).
FANS have been advised to sympathise with the Germans - to stay healthy.
I SYMPATHISE with David Sutcliffe's problems of delayed and cancelled trains from North Wales to and from London (Daily Post Letters, April 2).
Bill Evans has written to civic leaders to say: We know what it's like and we sympathise.
Gatland said the communities of Christchurch andWales were comparable and that people inWales would sympathise with the tragedy.
ALTHOUGH I sympathise, deeply sympathise, with Coun David Faulkner of Newcastle City Council (Don't cut us down, Evening Chronicle, October 7), just where on earth does he get the idea from that someone as deeply, deeply, resolutely, unprincipled as any Liberal/LibDem could ever give one iota of care to Newcastle's finances?