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Menopause causes an imbalance of the autonomic nervous control of the cardiovascular system with a shift toward sympathetic hyperactivity.
He said the increased sympathetic nervous activity in the intestine causes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Pottenger theorized that in some individuals, either the sympathetic or parasympathetic system was overly active, bringing about disease states that could be ameliorated if the overactive system was toned down.
The development of sympathetic overdrive presents between 7 and 14 days after the onset of muscle spasms, [12,13] and is characterised by tachycardia and precipitous systolic arterial pressure changes from minute to minute.
KEY WORDS: Mobilization, Pain, Paresthesia, Sympathetic nervous system, Thoracic spine.
Following cardiovascular sympathetic and parasympathetic tests were carried out with analyzer CANWIN, it is window based cardiac autonomic neuropathy analyzer with interpretation.
Patient with sympathetic ophthalmitis express HLA-DR4.
Much information regarding the neuronal mechanisms that contribute to obesity associated hypertension and sympathetic overdrive has been collected in recent years (Hirooka et al 2013).
Sympathetic nerve cells are part of the so-called sympathetic nervous system that more or less automatically activates and regulates breathing, heart rate, visual focus, digestion and fear response.
BASED on Step an outcast scho discovers she p devastating tel netic powers, th horror remake o Carrie (tomorro Channel 5, 10pm features a sympathetic performance from Chloe GraMoretz.
It said: "A man's best possession is a sympathetic wife.
Background: Renal sympathetic nerves are involved in the reflective activation of the sympathetic nervous system in circulatory control.
This announcement follows a decision by the Food and Drug Administration to lift the partial clinical hold on the tanezumab development program after a review of nonclinical data characterizing the sympathetic nervous system response to tanezumab.
Sympathetic Realism in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction.
We review 2 cases of surgically and pathologically confirmed paraganglioma of the cervical sympathetic chain.