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surgical interruption of a nerve pathway in the sympathetic nervous system

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Needle thoracic sympathectomy for essential hyperhidrosis: intermediate-term follow-up.
Continuous regional anesthesia before surgical peripheral sympathectomy in a patient with severe digital necrosis associated with Raynaud's phenomenon and scleroderma.
Against this background, the concept of sympathectomy was revisited.
The severity of hypotension and bradycardia depend upon the extent of sympathectomy that depends on the height of the block15.
4% were found to have complications related to severe digital vasculopathy including digital ulcers, critical digital ischemia, gangrene, or the need for digital sympathectomy.
Sympathectomy prevents fructose- induced hyperinsulinemia and hypertension.
The patient underwent a surgery called sympathectomy, where some of the nerves of the sympathetic nervous system are cut.
Radical pain control can be achieved by surgical sympathectomy in which nerves that supply an affected area are cut thereby removing involuntary painful spasms.
Total thoracic and partial to total lumbar sympathectomy, splanchnicectomy and celiac ganglionectomy for hypertension.
They have tried to promote a greater dilation of cerebral vessels and consequent increase in blood flow through sympathetic denervation of the carotid system through the superior cervical perivascular ganglionectomy and superior cervical sympathectomy.
Various treatment options available are topical applications like aluminium chloride, glutaraldehyde and glycopyrronium bromide, iontophoresis with tap water or anticholinergics, botulinum toxin injections, systemic anticholinergic drugs or sympathectomy.
Over the years many different treatment modalities have been utilised for the management of CRPS, including medical management (analgesics, steroids, supplements) and interventional treatments (sympathetic nerve blocks, sympathectomy, amputation and spinal cord stimulator insertion).
Palmar hyperhidrosis in children: treatment with video endoscopy laser sympathectomy.
Subsequent research on the PPG waveform has covered many areas, including quantification of sympathectomy after neural blockade, fluid responsiveness during surgery, identification of high-risk cardiovascular patients and many others.
Sometimes, in very severe cases, Botox injections can help or even a keyhole operation called an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS).