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Synonyms for symmetrical

Synonyms for symmetrical

characterized by or displaying symmetry, especially correspondence in scale or measure

having components pleasingly combined

Synonyms for symmetrical

having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts

exhibiting equivalence or correspondence among constituents of an entity or between different entities

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I remember one summer day in the fields my companion pointed out to me a broad cloud, which might extend a quarter of a mile parallel to the horizon, quite accurately in the form of a cherub as painted over churches, --a round block in the centre, which it was easy to animate with eyes and mouth, supported on either side by wide- stretched symmetrical wings.
In it existed those human forms which supplied the sculptor with his models of Hercules, Phoebus, and Jove; not like the forms abounding in the streets of modern cities, wherein the face is a confused blur of features, but composed of incorrupt, sharply defined and symmetrical features, whose eye-sockets are so formed that it would be impossible for such eyes to squint and take furtive glances on this side and on that, but they must turn the whole head.
Rawdon sat down in the study before the Baronet's table, set out with the orderly blue books and the letters, the neatly docketed bills and symmetrical pamphlets, the locked account-books, desks, and dispatch boxes, the Bible, the Quarterly Review, and the Court Guide, which all stood as if on parade awaiting the inspection of their chief.
To see such a face as this set on shoulders that a sculptor would have longed to model--to be charmed by the modest graces of action through which the symmetrical limbs betrayed their beauty when they moved, and then to be almost repelled by the masculine form and masculine look of the features in which the perfectly shaped figure ended--was to feel a sensation oddly akin to the helpless discomfort familiar to us all in sleep, when we recognise yet cannot reconcile the anomalies and contradictions of a dream.
he cried, 'to behold my captain's symmetrical proportions
Because reputable rhinologists both decry and advocate middle turbinate resection, we selected patients who had bilaterally symmetrical disease.
One solution is to give the user a box with an Ethernet interface and a slow network connection (a bit like the bad old days of dialup, having a 56K modem connection actually delivering 4K of traffic), this may be the preferred approach to residential broadband, however it is not acceptable to business, which require guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth.
Panelling can create a dramatic symmetrical effect, as can the way furniture and decorative objects are arranged.
on the magnetodynamics within a coreless induction furnace confirms that the generally accepted stirring pattern exists with a symmetrical load.
With the asymmetrical beam of the A2 MINI and the symmetrical beam of the S2 MINI, these models complete Sitecos versatile internal and external floodlights.
A programmable servo-driven pusher unit is said to guarantee symmetrical carcass turn-up and extremely accurate manufacturing sequences.
Star will launch its symmetrical digital subscriber line (SDSL) that the company claims is reliable and fast.
Because of its capabilities, emphasis during rehabilitation was placed on the resident's achieving symmetrical stride length and cadence, with the goal of normalizing gait.
Female mud fiddler crabs, Uca pugilator, on the other hand have symmetrical claws.
Awash with striking symmetrical shots and velvety smooth transitions, Possible Worlds employs a sensuous palette that vacillates allusively from cool blues, greys and whites to warm ochres and browns.
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