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the study or the use of symbols and symbolism

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Airspeed error did not vary as a function of symbology or instrument condition, nor did the variables interact (ps [greater than] .
Now that the work item has been accepted by AIM Global, the Technical Symbology Committee (TSC) will regularly meet to craft a final symbology specification that printer and scanner/imager manufacturers can use to develop hardware and software to support wide applications of the symbology.
The OpenGIS[R] Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) profile of the Web Map Service is, together with the OpenGIS Symbology Encoding Implementation Specification, the direct follow-up of Styled Layer Descriptor Implementation Specification 1.
The ISDA symbology project is a great example of the industry coming together to tackle an important challenge.
Dilip Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer of Ace Commodity Exchange said, "We see Bloomberg's Open Symbology gaining traction, in particular amongst exchanges, because it is assigned at the exchange level.
What is happening is that a symbology that has been promoted within the retail standards industry for some years now has finally got a date where it's going to be mandatory in retail worldwide," says John Wilson, product manager of bi-optic scanners for NCR.
Patent 5,612,524, which claims to cover a system for reading 2D symbology, is invalid, unenforceable and not infringed by either Cognex or by any users of Cognex products.
Mecco Marking & Traceability has announced availability of its 2-D data matrix symbology in the MC-2000 portable, computer-controlled dot peen marking system.
Robert Langdon, Harvard Professor of Religious Symbology, is speaking at a Paris conference and planning on meeting with Jacques Sauniere, a curator at the Louvre.
The information required for GD&T and a symbology to communicate it on a part drawing have been standardized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in ASME Y14.
Louis, Missouri, makes the Cast-A-Code brand stencil--a sequentially punched data marking system that can place whatever barcode symbology onto or into the customer's part or components that the customer's reader requires and the materials and manufacturing processes allow.
One class of such information, mentioned previously, is the conformal symbology that overlays a far-domain counterpart.
Universal themes and values are represented in the form of ancient symbology.
His mother was an interior designer, his father sold furniture, and his great-grandmother's Cherokee heritage spawned an interest in symbology and spirituality.
The manner or arrangement in which data are encoded into the bars and spaces of an individual code is called its language or symbology.