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the act of representing something with a symbol


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Based on the idea of the Amazon arrow and lance, the jewellery features a slender line ending in an oval cut diamond, surrounded by other, smaller stones, like a shield, symbolizing strength and vitality.
4 -- color) Wendy receives her quinceanera doll -- her last doll -- symbolizing leaving childhood, at her quinceanera celebration in San Fernando.
In the middle of the room the project's title was displayed in the form of a neon sign splashed with fuchsia pink paint that had dripped to the floor, covering a variety of objects meant to symbolize the values that Ray needed: a ring, representing a pledge of faith; a T-shirt with his recent portrait, symbolizing the courage to look failure in the face; gym shoes, evoking the security of standing on his own two feet; an energy drink and some cosmetics, connected to body treatment and personal care.
University football players began wearing decals symbolizing nonviolence, a prominent Casper Star-Tribune reporter came out, and a gay campus group had trouble keeping up with demand for STRAIGHT BUT NOT NARROW stickers.
The latter he deployed iconically in title pages, printer's marks, and decorated initials using such motifs as the dolphin, which symbolized Venetian swiftness at sea, and the anchor, symbolizing Venice's maritime stability; and he deployed similar motifs textually in mottoes and dedications.
But this masterpiece was also, as Edwin Heathcote notes, 'a virtual disaster for ecclesiastical design from the liturgical point of view; [leading] to a spate of idiotic "gestures", buildings symbolizing anything from praying hands to doves; buildings emanating from a single bland idea, justified in the name of the new modernism'.
They adopted the symbol of a circle with a dot in the center to refer to their Order in secret correspondence, a shorthand way of symbolizing the all-seeing eye.
celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolizing the first Case IH MX Magnum range tractor to roll off the line at the manufacturing plant in Racine, Wis.
The lower side hills would be ideally on the left, symbolizing the white tiger (protector of good fortune).
Terrestrial elements run throughout the existing casino, while the architectural features of the expansion incorporate celestial themes, symbolizing the future of the tribe.
The easiest way to demonstrate this is to ask whether symbolizing any other minority in the same or in a similar manner would be acceptable.
The loaves are meant for daily consumption, weigh a little over half a pound, and come in the form of 12 pieces around a center piece, symbolizing Christ and the apostles.
Dollmam, which shows dark, hulking figures, vaguely Semitic or African, who join female forms symbolizing beasts of desire nipping at the saint's soul.
But proponents of restrictive speech codes can make exactly the same claim about the importance of symbolizing the academic community's values.
Symbolizing the thousands of souls unleashed that infamous morning, the unique 18-feet-tall monument forges two artistic mediums -- sculpture and painting.