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someone skilled in the interpretation or representation of symbols

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Based on a review of the literature, Javidan (1991) consolidated and synthesized the literature from the traits school of leadership, the behavioural theory of leadership, leader-member exchange theory, and transformational and charismatic leadership literature in an integrative conceptual model consisting of six roles: visionary, symbolizer, mobilizer, innovator, auditor, and ambassador.
Symbolizer managers live the vision and effectively communicate their plans, building credibility for their vision by being consistent and through managing by example (House/Woycke/Fodor 1988).
Closeness to the symbolizer or the presence of the symbolizer is.
Again the key factor is whether or not the symbolizer has one's heart in it.
Because it puts the pieces together by leaving out the need for a virtual symbolizer, it must show that a non-classical solution to the problem of representation was already implicit in the cortical architecture, the design of which was selected by evolution long before the emergence of homo sapiens.
In the neo-symbolist account, the double logic of representation remains a paradox because of the boundary being maintained between the infrastructure and the symbolizer.
Drawing heavily on the theory of symbol which he has set forth in his Man the Symbolizer (Rome, 1981), he suggests that "divine-human symbolizing" is analogous to human symbolizing.
Then I had to leave my refuge, "go back to reality," dust off the old symbolizer and crank it up to hyperspeed again.
We humans are habitual symbolizers, who often express it in art.
Simon Dubois from France's Universite LumiE re Lyon II will discuss street songs from the Syrian protest movement, exploring their significance as symbolizers of an emerging counterculture.