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  • verb

Synonyms for symbolize

Synonyms for symbolize

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for symbolize

express indirectly by an image, form, or model

represent or identify by using a symbol


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Freed of the "peculiar bond," Baptiste puts an end to the "turmoil and strife" of two-ness by declaring himself free from the mutual "claims" of husband and wife--and free as well from the bond between the individual and the larger collective that their marriage symbolized.
The destruction of the building of Union Marti-Maceo by Urban Renewal in 1965 symbolized what seemed to be the end of the Afro-Cuban community of Ybor City.
The vulnerability of cave burials to theft may have encouraged the Classic-period tradition of placing royals in pyramid-covered tombs that symbolized caves within hills, Garza proposes.
The particular significance of these observations about the ahistorical and a-ethical dimensions of satisfaction atonement appears when they are considered against the backdrop of the changes in the church that are symbolized by emperor Constantine.
As you turn its pages, the writings may cause you to laugh or shed a few tears as you're reminded of the struggles and optimism that this song has symbolized for generations of African Americans.
This is by no means a complete list of such uses, but these examples serve to illustrate how freely this minority is symbolized in society.
Thus, it inverts the hierarchy of heaven and hell by replacing the supernatural streams of light, symbolized and embodied in the apses of cathedrals, with a naturally embodied earthbound source of redemption.
came after an inspector general's report in April found what investigators described as serious flaws in scientific practices at a laboratory that for decades had symbolized the Federal Bureau of Investigation's commitment to high-tech investigative techniques.
Most of the animals, Rowland notes, symbolized some human sexual or sensual trait, usually lust, lechery or promiscuity.
The map includes major generating stations symbolized by nameplate capacity and primary fuel.
They are symbolized in art by the following subjects: rocks, waves, peaches, pine trees, the sun, mountains, fungi, bamboo, deer, cranes, clouds and tortoises.
Though you wouldn't necessarily notice it at first glance, Easter's Christian significance is symbolized in the food brought to church for the blessing: Colored hardboiled eggs symbolize new life, for example; and a sugar or butter lamb represents Christ, the Lamb of God.
The latter he deployed iconically in title pages, printer's marks, and decorated initials using such motifs as the dolphin, which symbolized Venetian swiftness at sea, and the anchor, symbolizing Venice's maritime stability; and he deployed similar motifs textually in mottoes and dedications.
In life, she represented towering ambition; in death, she symbolized suffering and martyrdom, qualities which practically make her a saint, in the mostly Catholic nation.
And in his 1979 performance Black Box, he lay immobile, as though dead, in shallow water made milky by marble powder - another ironically deadly pool (immortality, traditionally symbolized by marble, being part of the narcissistic self-delusion).