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Synonyms for symbolization

the use of symbols to convey meaning

something visible that by association or convention represents something else that is invisible

the practice of investing things with symbolic meaning

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Our solution incorporates feature serving via ArcIMS and symbolization and analysis in ArcGIS.
And a Tillich scholar can no doubt explain his preoccupation with matters of style, with Grunewald as illustrating "double symbolization," and the question as to its possibility.
Symbolization involves the active, purposeful use of symbols--something standing in for and representing something else.
Through retrospective symbolization the communicants recognize that symbols have surplus meaning and change their perspectives on the referent object based on this surplus meaning.
With the information in this article, and with practice, you can employ symbolization in the field, which will increase your game sightings and, thus, shot opportunities.
And understanding how these children have been able to equip themselves for life will enable us to better understand the whole process of psychological symbolization that is so vital to learning.
He describes how the Platonic dialogues already foreground a paradoxical relationship to symbolization.
Lacan describes this process in his seminar on the psychoses: "prior to all symbolization -- this priority is not temporal but logical -- there is, as the psychoses demonstrate, a stage at which it is possible for a portion of symbolization not to take place.
Narrative strategies, processes of metaphorization or symbolization, parody, irony and humor, the supernatural and the fantastic, and many other devices are brought under close scrutiny.
As a non-native American who believes this kind of symbolization is a blatant form of discrimination, I have been asked by friends and colleagues, "Why focus on issues of stereotyping native Americans and not on the more life-threatening hardships this minority faces, such as unemployment, suicide, and alcoholism, which occur at rates higher than any other group or minority?
MFS: Modem Fiction Studies 24 (Spring 1978), 23-39), though Sizemore does not extend her consideration of the various boxes in the novel to position the square within the novel's overall geometrical symbolization.
The Body Broken: The Calvinist Doctrine of the Eucharist and the Symbolization of Power in Sixteenth-Century France.
It seems to me that violence is preceded by a socio-psychological process that ties together politics, religion, and women, and that moves down three pathways of mythification, ideologization, and symbolization of women.
The conflict is restricted; it is not conceptualized in the complete disposition of its practices, and especially not in time, well before the first trace of text, where biographical memory and linguistic symbolization operate--by all sorts of schemas and organizations previously derived from determinations of childhood, of adolescence, of education, of formation--a complex process of selection where narration and writing already confront each other, mutually wounding, molding, and sharpening each other.
Philosophy is tempted to understand thought and symbolization in a purely structural and conceptual framework, but this approach ignores the dynamic nature of the mind.