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Synonyms for symbolization

the use of symbols to convey meaning

something visible that by association or convention represents something else that is invisible

the practice of investing things with symbolic meaning

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Insofar as the notions of the symbolization of order and of metaxy seem to be fruitfully applied to historical situations and literature, there is indirect support for Voegelin's continued relevance, and that itself is an accomplishment.
Symbolization and content are constant throughout the project, but map scale and sheeting decisions are based on the characteristics of each entity to be mapped.
Symbolization coordination could include information about many kinds of data to display mappings.
The main advantage of this form of symbolization is that it saves space on the map as it stands for multiple parameters that are measured at the same location.
Denis Wood and Robert Beck also explored the graphic symbolization of experience in the map.
Langan illustrates his reflections with anecdotes about contemporary discussions concerning symbolization and order in areas as different as Quebec and Poland.
Symbolization, multi-media presentation, and map communication;
Alwatan newspaper highlighted Majlis Al-Shura's symbolization of the unity of this great country.
The need to expand GIS symbol libraries, coupled with the existence of popular WebGIS-rich applications and an increasing availability of spatial data, leads to an urgent demand for more efficient symbolization methods for vector-based web mapping.
Hyperion and his five great odes place symbolization at reality's core.
The symbolization of the headscarf led to its redefinition as a means to gain advantages in politics, social status and daily life.
The contemplative nature of the novel facilitates the process of self-discovery and thus lends itself "as both an autobiographical mirror of author and community, and as an imagined piece of specular symbolization and metafiction" (204).
Chart symbolization now includes column charts and has been expanded to support up to six data columns.
Bakri Hassan Salih, pointed out that the School Tournament represents symbolization to the national unity and solidarity, appreciating the great role played by the teachers and the Students' Activities Administration in the education and qualification of students.