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a member of an artistic movement that expressed ideas indirectly via symbols

someone skilled in the interpretation or representation of symbols

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Any consideration of Wright's poetry and its place in African American (as well as American) literary tradition must begin with what by now are the traditional literary historical readings of the symbolist movement from the 1840s and 1850s.
Yet, at its core, the question of the influence of symbolist poetry on music outside of the Second Viennese School is an interesting idea that has not been widely studied.
Symbolists sought escape from reality, expressing their personal dreams and visions through color, form, and composition.
In his Symbolist Art Theories: A Critical Anthology, Henri Dorra identifies Baudelaire's sonnet "Correspondences" of 1857, from Les Fleurs du mal, "as the preliminary manifesto of the French symbolist movement" for both its occult allusions and sensory cross-connections.
The second part, Trends, looks at the changes in libretti, symbolist operas, the works of Schoenberg and Berg, and neoclassical opera.
The mystery of Verlaine -- who long ago changed his family name of ``Miller'' to the surname of the tortured 19th century French poet and symbolist Paul Verlaine -- is so pervasive, its maintenance apparently requires little effort from the man himself.
Pinkhes-Pinye Kahanovitsh (1884-1950), modern Yiddish literature's leading symbolist, is best known under his pen name, Der Nister (The Concealed One).
One acquainted with Russian poetry does not find in his verses the Parnassian musical quality, the symbolist excellence, and the lyrical and metaphorical expressions of Russia's legendary poets.
A wind-whipped mini-bonfire of sticks, surrounding al heap of cut lilies and leaves, added to the symbolist aura.
Nonetheless, when mentioned in reference works, she is either classified as a symbolist or grouped along with other women writers under the generic rubric "poetisa.
Huysmans (Charles Marie Georges Huysmans, 1848-1907), French novelist and champion of naturalism, the symbolist movement, and impressionism, refers to the "Man-God of Colmar" as nothing but a common thief who met his end on the gallows and of the Baptist as a "tough old soldier from Franconia.
In Paris he became thoroughly acquainted with the poetry of the French Symbolist and fell under their influence.
2) But parts of Eric Voegelin's Anamnesis (1966, 1978), including an essay specifically entitled "Remembrance of Things Past," contain an oblique tribute to Proust's portrayal of consciousness and to the French symbolist literary movement that somewhat guided Voegelin in his philosophical quest.
Trained in the academic tradition by symbolist painter Gustave Moreau, Matisse used his love of the human figure and his solid footing in art history as a springboard to greatness.
In 1899 appeared the first version of his book The Symbolist Movement in Literature.