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a member of an artistic movement that expressed ideas indirectly via symbols

someone skilled in the interpretation or representation of symbols

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Musee d'Orsay, one of the most famous museums worldwide, will present symbolism of the Baltic States next year, and the museum's director Laurence Des Cars hopes to introduce visitors to Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis and other Lithuanian symbolists.
His topics include Andrey Bely and the philosopher's nephew, the symbolist with two careers, symbolism's charlatan, Janko Lavrin as a pan-Slavist across the spectrum, Blok and Strindberg's face, the early breakthrough of psychoanalysis in Russia, anthroposophy's decade in Russia, Freud's unknown Russian patient, and Boris Pasternak and Goethe.
Redon was indeed considered by his contemporaries to be the leading Symbolists painter of the day, yet he distanced himself from such categorization and did not consider himself a member of any symbolist group.
In reality, Albrecht's study goes back to Rousseau and forward to Valery and Gide, encompassing a wide range of poets, from the Belgian Symbolists Maeterlinck and Rodenbach, to the "Francais d'adoption" Krysinska and Merrill, via Banville, Corbiere, Nerval, Rimbaud, and Verlaine among others.
Another water scene, the finely crafted Conte crayon drawing Le Lac d'Amour, Bruges (1904) by Fernand Khnopff, evokes the mysterious atmosphere of the Belgian port city, whose decaying medieval structures captivated the Symbolist imagination partly due to Georges Rodenbach's influential novel Bruges-la-Morte (1892), in which the protagonist seeks lingering traces of his deceased wife amid the empty stillness of streets, bridges, passageways and canals.
She contends that the primary characteristic of the symbolist novel is its self-consciousness, which calls attention to the contradictions involved in creating a synthesis between the novel and poetic genres.
While George's poetic interest in myth was also nourished by the long-standing tradition of classical inspiration in German culture, his work received a vital creative impulse through the innovative treatment of myth in French Symbolist art.
She then gives her attention to the emergence of tempered modernism as a phenomenon, seeing its origins partly in such long-forgotten movements in French literature as Romanism and Naturism, and partly in the tendency of late symbolists such as Albert Samain and Henri de Regnier to diminish the role of the poetic self and prefer the concrete to the abstract.
In his Symbolist Art Theories: A Critical Anthology, Henri Dorra identifies Baudelaire's sonnet "Correspondences" of 1857, from Les Fleurs du mal, "as the preliminary manifesto of the French symbolist movement" for both its occult allusions and sensory cross-connections.
The mystery of Verlaine -- who long ago changed his family name of ``Miller'' to the surname of the tortured 19th century French poet and symbolist Paul Verlaine -- is so pervasive, its maintenance apparently requires little effort from the man himself.
Floating without the aid of hands, sticks, poles or strings, apparitions of muslin, rags and billowing silk-fabric puppets (designed by Basil Twist) complete and decorate this High Symbolist fantasy of sex, mortality and coming of age in Edwardian New England.
Pinkhes-Pinye Kahanovitsh (1884-1950), modern Yiddish literature's leading symbolist, is best known under his pen name, Der Nister (The Concealed One).
Among the eighteen articles the subjects discussed include the Paradiso from the Divine Comedy, Marx's style in the Communist Manifesto, Oscar Wilde's paradoxes and aphorisms, Borges' symbolist, literary style, the uses of irony, Aristotle's Poetics, and 'The American Myth in Three Anti-American Generations', a discussion of Italian-American views of one another which was originally given before a conference at New York's Columbia University in 1980.
A wind-whipped mini-bonfire of sticks, surrounding al heap of cut lilies and leaves, added to the symbolist aura.
provide a philosophical explanation for Symbolist aesthetics across