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Synonyms for symbolise

represent or identify by using a symbol


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express indirectly by an image, form, or model

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GREEN - the colour most associated with nature, green is often used to symbolise growth and a sense of balance between mind, body and the world around us.
With exactly one month until the Olympics get underway, London Mayor Boris Johnson has joked that the Olympic rings symbolise, amongst other things, chastity.
The night-time setting symbolises the darkness into which Christ is the bearer of light.
There's the bridal rose which symbolises happiness, while the oak and acorn - which is an architectural detail around the room where the cake will be - symbolises strength and endurance.
Interpretation: The black, red, and green symbolise the black majority, the blood spilled in the struggle for freedom and Kenya's agriculture and natural resources.
Despite these connotations, it was chosen to symbolise caution.
It will symbolise her rebirth as an artist," said an aide.
Eric Owen Moss' latest addition to the fragmented urban landscape of Culver City in Los Angeles is a boldly gestural speculative office development intended to symbolise the area's civic renewal.
On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Jumbo Pfandbrief, the impressively large elephant lady Tembo called attention to the significance of the bond market beside the trading of shares, where bull and bear symbolise rising or falling rates.
They say this is to symbolise the wish of the majority of voters in the West Midlands who want to have their say on the revised EU Constitution.
The five stamens and three styles symbolise wounds and nails.