symbolic logic

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any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity

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Secondary processes can be reflected through the classical and symbolic logic.
Smullyan, Raymond, 1948, "Modality and Description", The Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol.
This book uses a combination of visual presentations and the symbolic logic of algebra and calculus to provide the most accessible introduction to ecological theory available.
His world premiere, Symbolic Logic, gestured toward ballet and modern but was dominated by Indian dance.
Utilizing the new symbolic logic systematically synthesized by Frege and his definition of the natural numbers in term s of classes of classes, the first three volumes set out to axiomatize logic and to show how arithmetic could be deduced from the proposed system.
I found it difficult to concentrate my own attention on the technical details of his argument, but anyone possessing a passing acquaintance with symbolic logic should have no trouble with it.
Despite this fact, Britain provided us with a great philosopher, namely Bertrand Russell, who specialized in the purest forms of science and scholarship in areas such as symbolic logic, philosophy of mathematics, and the theory of knowledge.
goal of containing the spread of communism manifests itself in a kind of symbolic logic that maps global politics onto American gender politics of the 1950s, the nascent moment of the postmodern.
For example, the cost of taking symbolic logic at Pierce is only $13 per unit.
On the contrary, Robinson delighted in showing that symbolic logic could be used within mathematics to positive, creative effect (p.
It is "surprising" how many people take a "belletristic view," Jameson comments, making "the assumption, which they would never make in the area of nuclear physics, linguistics, symbolic logic, or urbanism, that such [cultural] problems can still be laid out with all the leisurely elegance of a coffee-table magazine.
For the knowledge that such a logic provides, the knowledge of positioning in the social order that makes this not simply "a logic" but the template of symbolic logic as such, predicates its assurance of "meaning" on the recurrent administration of countless invisible, because naturalized, acts of violent negation.
In 1847 he published The Mathematical Analysis of Logic, thus founding what might be called Boolean algebra or symbolic logic.
Paulos, who teaches freshmen as well as graduate stu- dents, is a recognized expert in symbolic logic, computer languages, and artificial intelligence.
He is the coauthor of Symbolic Logic and Mechanical Theorem Proving published by Academic Press and translated into both Russian and Japanese.
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