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Antonyms for syllabic

(of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities

consisting of a syllable or syllables

(of speech sounds) forming the nucleus of a syllable


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81), is a two-strophe, syllabic song in binary form for one soprano and continuo, so that adjustments to the pronunciation of the melody in the second strophe would be relatively easily accomplished.
As discussed above, in the first 11 numbers there are three syllabic numbers, ONE, SEVEN, and ELEVEN, which are the first number names to have 1, 2, and 3 syllables respectively.
The linguistic modeling devices, aimed at formation of syllabic word structure, using visual, acoustic and tactile analyzers, and the interconnections between them.
After the cognates and bibliography come data from syllabic forms of the word and from Ras Shamra Akkadian, followed by Ugaritic words found in parallelism with the key word.
Huehnergard, Ugaritic Vocabulary in Syllabic Transcription (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1987), 23.
CAT does not include the Ugaritic words from the polyglot vocabularies, but presents all alphabetic cuneiform texts, including those partially or entirely in Hurrian and those lines or sections of texts that use syllabic cuneiform for Akkadian.
Texts C and E demonstrate that the scribes intended the numerals to represent only the sign form and not the possible syllabic readings of the sign.
Looked at in this way, the Chiehyunn is a syllabic inventory arranged according to tone, rime, and small-rime or homophonic group.
The origin of the Ugaritic cuneiform alphabet was explained by derivation from the syllabic cuneiform script, by free formation of signs from basic elements, by imitation of Egyptian hieratic script, and by analogy to Phoenician linear script.
WRS" denotes the word recognition score, which is the percentage of mono- syllabic words understood at comfortably loud presentation levels.
Haiku is defined as an unrhymed verse, written in 5-7-5 syllabic form, usually in three lines.
Meanwhile, the official match ball is based on the adidas Cofusa 2013 Confederations Cup, which was named after the syllabic abbreviation from the words: Carnival, Football and Samba.
This edition explains the impact of the Common Core State Standards, interim assessments, multilevel screening, DIBELS Deep Word Reading and Decoding, and the Mystery Passages think-aloud; introduces executive functioning; updates information on response to intervention, other intervention programs, and using technology; and discusses positive identity, Common Core Assessments, the Benchmark School Interactive Learner Profile, a pre-K program, dialogic reading, differentiation in phonics, integrating syllabic analysis with phonics, programs to develop academic vocabulary, reading complex text, test-enhanced learning, informational writing, composing persuasive texts, and experimental teaching.
First and foremost: does quantity perform a certain function in the syllabic accentual role, be it small or larger?
The different syllabic lengths of the lines make the anthem difficult to translate with fidelity into English verse.