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Antonyms for syllabic

(of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities

consisting of a syllable or syllables

(of speech sounds) forming the nucleus of a syllable


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It is important to note that among the students in this study, no differences in their performances on syllabic and phonemic awareness were verified, indicating that in children with more advanced education the development of phonemic awareness tends to parallel the development of syllabic awareness.
Stressing on each syllabic position, W or S (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 .
aleph-signs, syllabic transcriptions, and comparative evidence in determining vocalizations (cf.
Up to ONE MILLION, there are only 20 syllabic numbers.
Moreover, this group's dysprosody is characterized by scarce tone changes, both within the syllable nucleus, and between adjacent syllabic nuclei.
The linguistic modeling devices, aimed at formation of syllabic word structure, using visual, acoustic and tactile analyzers, and the interconnections between them.
Rising diphthongs are also essentially pure syllabic vowels in musical settings, with no duration allotted to the initial semiconsonant.
The test consists of ten subtests, two for the evaluation of suprasegmental abilities (rhyme and alliteration), four for the evaluation of syllabic abilities (syllabic synthesis, segmentation, manipulation and transposition) and four for the evaluation of phonemic abilities (phonemic synthesis, segmentation, manipulation and transposition).
The dialect has various types of syllabic patterns.
The different syllabic lengths of the lines make the anthem difficult to translate with fidelity into English verse.
17 that sometime during the previous week a drill, chemicals and a pressure washer were used to erase the carvings of a large face and early syllabic writing--evidence he says that could have suggested that the Blackfoot First Nations had written language before European migration.
By engaging in a few minutes of "conversation" with humans, in which the participants were instructed to speak to the robot as if it were a small child, the robot moved from random syllabic babble to producing some salient wordforms, the names of simple shapes and colors.
Also important are the contour (or shape) of the melodic phrases, the rhythm in the motives and phrases, and the kind of vocal production and the technical singing style (whether syllabic, melismatic, responsorial, and so on).
in sum, the nucleus is the most important part of the syllable -as it is compulsory in order to constitute one- and the syllabic typology options are as follows: N ; N+Cd; O+N; O+N+Cd.
The syllabic system is a simple and elegant means of transcribing lnuktitut.