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a writing system whose characters represent syllables

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Bouabre began constructing his syllabary around 1950.
They precede clearly legible compositions like those written with the standardised characters of the Cherokee syllabary on the walls of Unnamed Cave 63 in the former vicinity of Willstown, which date to 1828 (Simek et al.
Shortly after the turn of the century, however, it developed into a syllabary, a set of written symbols that represent (or approximate) syllables, which make up words.
The semantic development from "know again / recognize" to "read" would, however, fit Linear B better than it would alphabetic writing, which, in most of the Greek world, had completely replaced the ancient syllabary by Pindar's time.
The primers, field tested in the summer of 1959, embedded the Spanish syllabary in the primers so that once the people learned to read in their own language, they could read Spanish as well.
AISES claims more than 10,000 alumni and currently has 912 lifetime members, named Sequoyah Fellows after the Cherokee inventor who developed the Cherokee alphabet and syllabary.
While this Hanunoo syllabary has survived to the present, at the time of Spanish contact a number of related scripts were in widespread use among coastal peoples throughout the Philippines, northward to Luzon, only to disappear soon afterwards, eclipsed, beginning in the 15th century, by the spread of European- and Arabic-based writing systems.
The only reservation I have about the sound is that it captures some of the more explosive German syllabary a little too clearly for such an intimate presentation.
Following the introduction of Sequoyah's syllabary (a syllabary is a set of symbols that represent sounds or syllables of a language) in 1821, one of the first books printed in the Cherokee language and orthography was a hymn book.
Through the development of the Cherokee Syllabary, he brought our people literacy and the gift of communicating through long distances and the ages.
A progressive people, one of them by the name of Sequoyah invented a syllabary of 87 characters--one for each syllable in the Cherokee language.
A syllabary (practice blending consonants and vowels) and a chrestomathy) practice reading sample passages) have been added in this expanded edition.
It was the development and growth of American tribal literary expression in the form of the creation and use of the Cherokee syllabary, the Cree symbols, as well as other tribes' use of the Roman alphabet.
Although initially treated with some scepticism by traditionalists, Sequoyah revealed his syllabary to the headmen of the Nation at a gathering in 1821, and the success of that introduction spread the syllabary throughout the Nation with remarkable speed.
A local council overseeing the merger of six towns and villages into a city next year in western Yamanashi Prefecture on Thursday decided to name it ''Minami-Arupusu,'' spelled with the katakana syllabary, council members said.