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fawning obsequiousness

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If it will require me to pay the supreme sacrifice for saying the truth, I'm ready to do it because the time has come that we must stop promoting sycophancy and mediocrity.
The JI Secretary General said that the President's address to the Parliament's joint session was sheer sycophancy and there was no mention of the real problems being faced by the country and the nation or of the failures of the government.
Ridiculous sycophancy : But why doesn't Gandhi open his mouth and tell off these people?
A little dose of hope is fine but it should be based on some logic and the writer's claim defies all logic and is almost on the verge of sycophancy.
The hiring, promotion, and tenure system has institutionalized sycophancy toward those in power.
As soon as the embers of Guy Fawkes begin to smoulder and wane, the real marketing push begins with many stores competing to roll out the tinsel, carols and festive sycophancy.
Challenging hardliners head-on, President Rohani has called for more academic freedom in Iran's universities, saying restrictions stifle innovation, breed sycophancy and promote the emigration of talent.
I see myself as a citizen not a subject and believe that the monarchy is the hook from which the rotten carcass of our stiing class system hangs, encouraging a sense of entitlement among those near the top and dreadful, forelocktugging sycophancy from those below.
New Delhi: Hitting out at the culture of sycophancy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday asked BJP MPs to shun the practice of touching his feet and that of other leaders.
And his sickening sycophancy is, frankly, un-British.
However, instead of showing our dirty habitual sycophancy we should expect that the new Army Chief would deliver according to the professional norms of this institution for the uplift of the institution and by keeping it away from interfering in the civil matters, keeping in view the past history of this country.
had suffered from a culture of sycophancy towards Ollila -- at the helm for 14 years until 2006.
Results indicate that (a) classroom effort is correlated positively with the relational motive, the functional motive, the participatory motive, and the sycophancy motive, but not at all with the excuse making motive and (b) perceptions of course workload are not correlated at all with any of the five motives.
The new young royals may be more down to earth, but the sycophancy surrounding them has no place in the 21st century.
However, sycophancy does present an opportunity to fast-track a career.