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the fleshy multiple fruit of the fig consisting of an enlarged hollow receptacle containing numerous fruitlets

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We analyzed 57 syconium collected from two native Ficus mexiae individuals, located in the Universidade Federal de Lavras' campus, in the city of Lavras, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil (21[degrees]13'43.
The Ficus mexiae syconium presented an average size of 15.
Little is known about the reproductive aspects of this plant, although there is one report of two Pegoscapus Cameron (1906) species of fig wasp, simultaneously occurring in its syconiums (Schiffler, 2002).
The foundresses usually die inside the syconium after accomplishing total or partial oviposition, but there are reports of re-emergence and pollination of several figs (Moore et al.
it has been assumed that inbred fig species, those where few foundresses enter each syconium for oviposition (e.
However, pure or almost pure male clutches may be also produced when many foundresses (5+) oviposit simultaneously in a one-foundress syconium (Ramirez-Benavides, pers.
In this paper we report on a study that tested the hypothesis that two Costa Rican Pegoscapus fig wasps (1) are not able to assess the number of foundresses per syconium and (2) define brood sex ratio by laying a constant number of male eggs (constant male hypothesis), independently of clutch size and superparasitism.
Each syconium was enclosed individually in a tightly capped glass jar.
Superparasitism" refers to the presence of more than one foundress ovipositing in a syconium.
silvestrii in tree number one: There were no differences in the mean number of males produced by foundress when one, two or three foundresses oviposited in a syconium (Table 1), or when one or two oviposited in a syconium that had almost pure males broods (Table 2).
silvestrii in tree number two: There were no differences in the mean number of males produced by foundress when one or two foundresses oviposited in a syconium (Table 5), nor in their sex ratios (Table 6).