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the fleshy multiple fruit of the fig consisting of an enlarged hollow receptacle containing numerous fruitlets

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They reviewed the differing mutualisms amongst symbiotic associations and in some symbiotic systems other than lichens, for example the genus Ficus and the wasps that pollinate the syconium (flower head), both wasps and species of Ficus are similarly species diverse (Berg & Wiebes, 1992; Proctor et al.
Stimulative parthenocarpy occurs when a symbiotic wasp enters the syconium of a female fig tree and places its ovipositor in long-style flowers without laying eggs, although other mechanisms are also known (Storey 1975: 580).
Although one syconium and 4913 drupelets are also listed for Netiv Hagdud (Kislev et al.
Genetics and cytology of syconium persistence in Ficus carica.