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the fleshy multiple fruit of the fig consisting of an enlarged hollow receptacle containing numerous fruitlets

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Furthermore, long distant transoceanic dispersal for particular pollinating wasps and other sycophylous invertebrates must occur inside the syconia of living fig trees (Ramirez et al.
Ficus trigonata (Moraceae) and associated invertebrates organisms living in its syconia in Cocos Island.
Nematoda: Diplogastridae) from the syconia of Ficus racemosa in Australia.
The syconia commonly close their ostiolar entrance shortly after some females penetrate, so the wasps enter and lay the eggs almost simultaneously (Ramirez-Benavides 1970, Frank 1983b, 1985, Herre 1985); they have symmetrical LMC; that is, synchronous oviposition and emergence of offspring (RamirezBenavides pers.
pertusa syconia from natural growing fig trees were collected one day before they reached the male phase (time of wasp eclosion) in Santo Domingo, Heredia, Costa Rica (9[grados]58'46.
Those syconia reach the male phase (D) but do not enlarge or become soft.
in another case in which syconia also had almost pure male clutches the male means were: 7.
However syconia with unusual numbers of foundresses (5-17), had practically pure male broods and the number of males produced per foundress ranged from 6.