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Synonyms for sycamore

variably colored and sometimes variegated hard tough elastic wood of a sycamore tree

Eurasian maple tree with pale grey bark that peels in flakes like that of a sycamore tree

thick-branched wide-spreading tree of Africa and adjacent southwestern Asia often buttressed with branches rising from near the ground

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The Simpson Thacher team assisting Sycamore in the fundraising included Mike Nooney, Mark Tannahill, Robert Guo and Brendan Baker (Corporate/Funds); Katharine Moir and Noah Metz (Tax); and Brian Robbins and Jeanne Annarumma (Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits).
10 June 2014 -- New York-based private equity firm Sycamore Partners said that it has closed its second fund, Sycamore Partners II LP with limited partner commitments of USD 2.
FAMILIES wanting to move into their dream home before Christmas should look at the Sycamore house type, a fourbedroom property designed with modern families in mind.
American sycamore is going through a resurgence in popularity.
PennDOT has agreed to spare a large section of the grove of sycamore trees, but 10 to 14 will get the ax because they are either sick or potentially hazardous to drivers.
And if we don't, we can simply borrow a quirky Sycamore for the evening.
The Sycamore sales team recently unveiled its penthouse collection to the New York brokerage community at a penthouse preview party.
Sycamore Networks (NASDAQ: SCMR), Chelmsford, Mass.
When Miss Lena came home from visiting her sister in Jackson and found out Bobby Lee Carter had hanged a man from her sycamore tree, she left the breakfast dishes unwashed in the sink for the first time in her life.
We are extremely pleased that KORAIL has chosen to partner with Sycamore as they evolve and scale their mission-critical communications backbone in response to increased traffic demands," said John Scully, president and chief executive officer, Sycamore Networks.
The sycamore is intended to honor all NASA's deceased astronauts.
When you realize that the California sycamore is a Valley native, you wonder why the parkways of only a handful of streets have been graced with its presence.
The Sycamore sales and development team (pictured here in a well-appointed model residence) announced that in just over a month on the market, 40% of the residences have sold.
AMERICAN SYCAMORE HAS always been one of those hardworking, utilitarian woods, more likely chosen for making butcher's blocks and crates than upscale architectural or furniture uses.
Talbots" or the "Company") (NYSE: TLB) concerning possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of law related to the Company's receipt of a proposal from Sycamore Partners ("Sycamore") to acquire the remainder of the Company it does not already own for approximately $212 million in cash (the "Proposal").