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King Abdullah watched helplessly as the contradiction at the core of his kingdom -- the split between its corrupt, sybaritic royal family and the puritanical, obscurantist Wahhabi fanatics of its religious establishment -- widened to the breaking point.
Madi International has launched the Sybaritic Wellness Relaxation Pod, a multi-sensory personal sauna pod, which provides a wellness relaxation facility in the privacy of a guest's hotel room.
Take your pick - obesity, alcoholdependency, high blood-pressure, diabetes and a plethora of cancers, including skin cancer through luxurious holidays in expensive sunny countries, a sybaritic lifestyle spent in colour supplement houses and top of the range cars.
Kwan's book eats its chiffon cake and has it too, simultaneously tut-tutting many of its characters for their vapid materialism while reveling in the milieu's sybaritic excess.
The society had its sybaritic moments, but it also possessed a genuine passion for the ancient world and organised many significant expeditions.
Its exquisite mixture of the sybaritic, the sublime and the sinfully delicious make it the nation's premiere destination for oenophiles.
It's mainly seen as a quagmire of famine and genocide, a destination only for a sybaritic safari or a masochistic aid mission.
Kovalam offers a sybaritic escape from the daily pressures of life.
The Gourmet Traveller Travel Awards, now in their sixth year and proudly presented in association with Nespresso, recognise the best Australia offers in the way of unforgettable holiday moments - from the finest hotels and resorts to life-changing outback and indigenous experiences, sybaritic spas, wine-touring and much else besides.
In four days on Celebrity Silhouette I managed to shed 4lb, thanks to gruelling workouts in the fitness centre, and some totally sybaritic sessions in the AquaSpa.
If you want all the sybaritic open top luxury of an SL, what's wrong with the still excellent current model?
It never fails to snatch the elegiac from the jaws of the sybaritic.
Both Aschenbach and Castorp undergo a radical transformation from severe northern discipline to a weakening of the will and moral laxity, from an arduous work ethic to lotus-eating and sybaritic self-indulgence.
One of our number, an early deconstructionist, got caught up in the sybaritic merry-making and was not seen again for the duration of the conference.
Most visitors come to this sybaritic island, though, for other hedonistic reasons.