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His warnings about resisting any advances are rebuffed by the stubborn swordswoman and she is soon being carried off to the woods for an unfortunate end.
Imagining herself as the swordswoman, the narrator produces the sword out of the air and guts the boss in order to "put color and wrinkles into his shirt" (58).
Chang looks first at the story narrated by a young Chinese American girl, who draws on her mother's "talk-stories" to imagine herself the "legendary ancient Chinese swordswoman (Fa Mu Lan).
And former Miss Malaysia Michelle Yeoh, who shot to Hong Kong movie fame as Jackie Chan's most formidable leading lady and broke hearts worldwide as the soulful swordswoman in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
In 1998, she became an international star when she was cast as Elena, the feisty, swashbuckling swordswoman in The Mask Of Zorro.
As an accomplished swordswoman as well as an organizer and healer, Ines is essential to Valdivia's plan.
Even if she had to rage across all China, a swordswoman got even with anyone who hurt her family.
47) Other films featuring strong female figures, particularly female knight-errants, like Red Heroine, White Rose/Hong Nuxia Bai Meigui and The Swordswoman of Huangjiang, were soon to follow.
That we will soon be seeing an influx of Hong Kong's finest martial arts action films in our video-stores and on our screens is as undeniable as the righteousness of the wandering swordswoman.
London-born Rosamund, 23, was virtually unknown before she was chosen to play raunchy Olympic swordswoman Miranda Frost in Die Another Day.
Justas Fa Mu Lan reports on her back the crimes of the barons, Maxine Hong Kingston reports the crimes of the dominant ethnic group in her first two books, that is, how the dominant group imposes a monolithic definition of high literature and even of the term "'minority" itself: "The swordswoman and I are not so dissimilar.
It covers figures as disparate as the French swordswoman known as La Maupin, such great American war heroes as Alvin York and Audie Murphy; gunfighters like Wild Bill Hickok and Bat Masterson, and a man named Lance Thomas.
Swordswoman Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh), who delivered the sword to its new home, takes it upon herself to root out the culprit--suspecting, as she does, the daughter of a Qing official, the willowy Jen Yu (Zhang Ziyi).
Eighteen-year-old Sabriel, swordswoman and magician, is on a quest to the Old Kingdom to rescue her mage father from the realms of Death.
To make matters worse, her partner, experienced swordswoman Marcy Konlon, is trying to get Foley to take a serious stab at her.