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someone skilled at fencing

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Rurouni Kenshin Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story: Hokkaido Arc, currently serialized in Jump SQ, won't appear in print for the time being from the December 4 issue.
Critique: Exceptionally well written and thoroughly entertaining from first page to last, "The Sage, the Swordsman and the Scholars" by Pierre Dimaculangan is the first volume of what promises to be a new and outstanding historical fantasy series: 'Trials of the Middle Kingdom'.
Luc Shattar was perhaps the greatest swordsman in the history of the nation of Trist, yet he is also a humble man.
Star performance Swordsman, only nine but has done plenty of racing and won his first hunter chase by 50 lengths
Best known for his Sherlock Holmes films, Rathbone, who died in 1967, was also famed as the greatest swordsman ever to grace the silver screen.
Funnily enough, another Best - the one and only George - was also a quality swordsman.
Because if they really want to attract more female voters, then they should consider making the unlikely swordsman their leader - as he's obviously more than just a Lem-bit on the side.
A nameless swordsman has to protect an orphan from roughnecks who want to do him wrong.
SWORDSMAN can prove too sharp for his rivals in the Summer Festival Hurdle at Newton Abbot.
From women samurai and their achievements to historical images in full color, THE SAMURAI SWORDSMAN is a powerful pick for any collection strong in either early military world history in general or Japanese history--military or not--in particular.
CHRISTIAN Von Der Recke has an admirable strike-rate in his raids from Germany and another success looks on the cards with Swordsman at Fontwell today.
Nonetheless, he recognizes that for many gentlemen, martial culture was a self-conscious expression meant to distinguish the swordsman (the term dates from about 1601) from the "pen-gentleman"--the courtier or gownsman, whose culture the swordsman deemed feminine.
He's a young swordsman with extreme powers tasked with stopping the new enemy.
From the start, Drizzt doesn't fit in: he is a competent swordsman, but despises the ruthlessness and senseless violence of Drow society.
In it, Musashi wanders the land after a tumultuous childhood, seeking to be the perfect swordsman.