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the act using a sword (or other weapon) vigorously and skillfully


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SOLOMON KANE (15) BASED on the character created by Robert E Howard, Solomon Kane is a rather simplistic tale of a morally corrupt man's fall and equally spectacular redemption, bookmarked by set pieces of swordplay on foot and horseback.
From swashbuckling swordplay to waveracing and frisbee tossing, the myriad minigames show just how much motion controls have moved on since the launch of Wii.
Having become comfortable on horseback for his scenes last week, it seems Crowe has picked up another new skill, of medieval swordplay up to his knees in the waves, fairly sharply.
Ubisoft's "Red Steel" franchise that launched with the Wii is a pioneer on a growing list of videogames that use the consoles' wand-shaped motion-sensing remote controls for swordplay.
The papers are arranged into seven sections ("intercuts") that explore things Asian that the West treats as the most abject and suppressed in order for the West to enlighten itself, tropes of power in kung fu and swordplay films, the separation of the Asian body and voice (mind) in fictions about Maoist China in English and in Japanese anime, conflicts between traditions and modernity in Asia and Asian diasporic communities, the deployment of racial stereotypes in popular musicals and comics, the bestowal of Asian "magic" on Asian bodies in diaspora by Asian American discourse and by Hollywood, and the fate of Hmong refugees and Chinese retirees in the United States.
Swordplay, knights on horseback, political intrigue and the story of a French damsel in love with an English knight will be staged before audiences of up to 500 on July 24, 25, 26 and 31 and August 1 and 2.
You play it for the sublime swordplay and the unique humour and vision of Suda 51.
Cleverness and thinking through a situation count as much as kung fu skills and swordplay do.
I've been around long enough to remember the first time I saw a program credit for fight choreography--in the old days, the director staged the swordplay or the fisticuffs whether or not he had any expertise in fencing or boxing.
Relatively little has been written covering Samurai sword fighting techniques: here ninja grandmaster provides both a history of the art of Japanese swordplay, rich in biographical surveys and cultural insight, and a survey of classical techniques used in two-sword fighting.
There are modest heroes rising to greatness and Valkyrie queens and arrogant young rulers and a cursed treasure and dragons and wicked potions and icky blood rites and ancient curses and swordplay aplenty.
The feisty Welsh actress has rediscovered her love of swashbuckling swordplay for The Legend Of Zorro, the sequel to The Mask Of Zorro, the film that made her an international star in 1998.
Notable runners Previous course-and-distance winner Swordplay will be bidding to follow up his odds-on Killarney victory over this trip earlier this month.
Gladiator (DreamWorks, 2000) There's swordplay aplenty in Ridley Scott's swashbuckler about murder, intrigue, and vengeance in the Roman Empire.
The wuxia pian ("films of chivalric combat") that in the late '60s and early '70s dominated Shaw Brothers' releases embodied the oldest of traditions, extending from classic novels like the seventeenth-century Water Margin (to which Shaw Brothers paid tribute with a 1972 film version followed by the 1973 sequel, All Men Are Brothers) and the melodrama and acrobatics of Chinese opera to the swordplay and displays of magic that became a staple of Chinese movies from the silent era on.