sword fern

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any of several tropical ferns having more or less sword-shaped fronds including one from which the Boston fern developed

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Description: Western sword fern is similar to Nephrolepis but has longer and wider leaves on stems that are 20 to 24 inches long.
Education program coordinator Jo Niedeck, who led one of the two groups, stopped parents and children to point out various examples of flora, including the licorice fern and sword fern.
A windy site Blooming shrubs Ceanothus, cistus, coast rosemary Dry shade A pretty Cranesbill, Western sword fern groundcover (Polystichum munitum) A sunny stone Plants between Creeping thyme, Dymondia path pavers margaretae, lippia (Phyla nodiflora), thrift (Armeria) A tiny backyard Privacy screening Clumping bamboo, hop bush, Pittosporum eugenioides
Jason quickly slipped up an elk trail, and once he was kneeling in the sword fern and had an arrow nocked, I squealed form a high note to a growl.
30 winds through farm country, where productive plots were cut from the tapestry of Douglas fir, alder, sword fern, and salal early in Oregon Territory history.
On one creek section, north of Awbrey Park, residents and youth crews have removed blackberry vines from the banks, replacing them with sword fern, nootka, Oregon grape and other native plants and shrubs.
His talk, "Beyond the Sword Fern," will offer ideas for expanding the use of native and other ferns in landscapes.
Thanks to a cool, moist climate, magnificent stands of sword fern (Polystichum munitum) grow in great sweeps on forest floors and form delicate tufts of green lace on rocky cliffs.
Other foliage: citrus, sprenger asparagus fern, or sword fern.
Although blackberry and poison oak had crept back in in the past several years, the site still supported wild rose, trillium, Indian plum, fawn lily, sword fern and other native species.
But metal sculptor Lin Cook has her own florid names for the stations: Big Leaf Maple, Pacific Dogwood, Oregon Iris, Rhododendron, White Oak, Sword Fern, Douglas Fir and Filbert.
The trail descends through a second-growth Douglas fir forest with sword ferns, red huckleberries, vine maple and salal bushes.
On either side of the path, they planted western sword ferns to create a low-maintenance field of green; they require only a haircut to remove old fronds in April.
Beginning at the wind-swept Golden Bluffs beach (where shoe and boot prints in the sand take on anthropomorphic qualities), this hike takes you through a shallow stream with great photographic opportunities in an old-growth redwood forest with several species of ferns: five-fingered ferns, dark green sword ferns, and lady ferns.