sword dancing

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any of various dances by men who step nimbly over swords or flourish them in the air

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Corrsin, Sword Dancing in Europe: A History (London: Hisarlik Press, 1997), 71, the first reference to a Spanish danza de espadas (sword dance) comes from Ourense in 1451, but there is no reason to believe that this was a danza de moros y cristianos.
Sword dancing, was alive and kicking at Eston School in 1938 when this photo (right) was taken.
Abdulmohsen bin Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijiri, deputy minister of the National Guard, said the event "celebrates Saudi identity by showcasing the arts, sword dancing, various symposiums, poetry and cuisine.
Our poultry section is always of the highest quality and add to that a much better year for horticulture (last year was incredibly wet), our great livestock lines, a new and exciting area for rural crafts, sword dancing, our cookery theatre and music for everyone, and we think we are justified in feeling a glorious sense of anticipation.
The team was started just over five years ago and they have competed at the Rapper sword dancing world championships before but this was their first overall win.
THE NEW YEAR AT ALNWICK CASTLE--About 100 ladies and gentlemen and their children, belonging to the town and immediate vicinity, were invited to Alnwick Castle on Wednesday, previous to stripping the Christmas Tree and witnessing a display of sword dancing, &c.
We're keen for forgotten gems, such as Northumbrian rapper sword dancing and clog dancing, to make a resurgence and it's great to see the reactions these dance styles have on audiences and the people taking part.
Winners will get cash prizes in a bid to encourage young men to preserve the tradition of sword dancing.
They will perform their Demon Barber Roadshow including their famous sword dancing routine.
These include, Cotswold Morris, North West Morris, Border Morris, Longsword Dancing, Rapper or Short Sword Dancing, and Molly Dancing
But Yorkshire long sword dancing is now under threat.
The celebration continued on December 17 with an authentic taste of Qatari culture through a sword dancing show and traditional food sampling.
Six cast members from new touring dance show The Lock In dropped in to visit the pupils, where they put on a performance followed by a series of workshops in clogging and rapper sword dancing.
In some schools - at Loftus in particular - sword dancing for the boys was also a regular occurrence.