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Synonyms for swoon

to suffer temporary lack of consciousness

a temporary loss of consciousness

Synonyms for swoon

a spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain

pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain

References in classic literature ?
But it might have been long; for I knew there were demons who took note of my swoon, and who could have arrested the vibration at pleasure.
Gryphus recovered from his swoon, opened his eyes, and as his brutality was returning with his senses, he growled "That's it, a fellow is in a hurry to bring to a prisoner his supper, and falls and breaks his arm, and is left lying on the ground.
I conclude that I am alone, that I am weak, that my father is lying in a swoon, that the dog is muzzled, and that consequently there is nothing to prevent your making your escape.
Approaching the village, he had been startled by seeing the dark gentleman (a total stranger to him) stretched prostrate on the grass at the roadside--so far as he could judge, in a swoon.
When she was arrested she had cursed the lady into a partial swoon, and with her aged limbs, twisted from rheumatism, had almost kicked the stomach out of a huge policeman whose conduct upon that occasion she referred to when she said: "The police, damn 'em.
The Viper, turning about, stung him, and falling into a swoon, the man said to himself, "Woe is me
It was simply impossible for persons acquainted with that statement to attach a guilty meaning to the swoon.
Then he made a few passes in the air and pretended to swoon.
And even when the rest have in some measure come to themselves again, and can find words and smiles, Barbara--that soft-hearted, gentle, foolish little Barbara--is suddenly missed, and found to be in a swoon by herself in the back parlour, from which swoon she falls into hysterics, and from which hysterics into a swoon again, and is, indeed, so bad, that despite a mortal quantity of vinegar and cold water she is hardly a bit better at last than she was at first.
com) | Demistool, upholstered in maritime grey, PS99, available from Swoon Editi(020 3137 246| Demistool, upholstered in maritime grey, PS99, available from Swoon Editions (020 3137 2464/ www.
Over the next three months, Swoon will mentor members of i.
WOMEN queued at Madame Tussauds in London yesterday to swoon over a waxwork figure of American movie idol Ryan Gosling.
Macmillan Children's Publishing Group announced on Friday that A Little Something Different by debut author Sandy Hall, the first acquisition from its crowdsourced teen romance imprint and online community Swoon Reads, will be released in print and ebook formats on 26 August 2014.
His utter brilliance made Victorians swoon, but he seemed incapable of swooning back.
You might know it as the Spring Swoon, a yearly event during which the stock markets and economy plunge.