swizzle stick

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a small stick used to stir mixed drinks

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The Swizzle Stick will be available free of charge in all of the company's clubs in Wales.
swizzle stick manufacturer, headquartered and operating its only plant in Madison.
We have sponsored scientists who have developed a swizzle stick that changes colour when a drink is spiked.
Lu Brow, bar chef at the Creole cuisine Cafe Adelaide and the Swizzle Stick Bar, both in the 285-room Loews New Orleans Hotel, stresses that it's "really important to check out employed history, length of employment and recommendations.
Pierce the fruit star with a skewer and use it as a swizzle stick.
But you can also find a teapot and teacup, a martini glass with olive and swizzle stick, a telephone ringing off the hook, even a UFO with alien inside.
Pour into a highball glass, top up with soda water and serve with a sugar swizzle stick.
Decorate with small whole fruits and add a swizzle stick.
Thereafter we'd all sit biting our nails as he performed open heart surgery with a cocktail swizzle stick and a set of dinky Spanair knives and forks disinfected in duty free brandy.
After boarding, passengers will get a welcome cocktail served in a purple glass with a stylish swizzle stick.
Hand chipping ice lets our guest know that we really honor the integrity of our cocktails," says Lu Brow, bar chef at New Orleans' Cafe Adelaide & the Swizzle Stick Bar, where 15-pound blocks of ice sit on a freezer plate on the bar.
Feel-good factor: ThereOs nothing that cheers us Celebs girls like a really good budget version of an old designer favourite [ETH] so may we present the supermarket dead ringer for Laura MercierOs Honey Bath, right down to the wooden swizzle stick.
Cafe Adelaide & The Swizzle Stick Bar, a Brennan establishment nestled in the Loews New Orleans Hotel on Poydras Street, has been on my radar for some time.
The plastic swizzle stick with crusher, by the way, is for dunking the slice of lemon hanging on the side of the glass.
The large Clubhouse, designed in an eclectic Mid-Century Modern architectural style, will feature a pro shop, restaurant, lounge and expansive outdoor terrace - complete with swizzle stick.