swizzle stick

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a small stick used to stir mixed drinks

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The Swizzle Stick will be available free of charge in all of the company's clubs in Wales.
The Swizzle Stick will work like litmus paper and change colour if a drink has been spiked.
And then, of course, continue to be the person stirring the swizzle stick that moves this thing along over time.
Celebrated Bar Chef Lu Brow of The Swizzle Stick Bar heads the state-of-the-art cocktail program, along with in-house Bar Chef Abigail Gullo.
One local cocktail pioneer is Lu Brow, the "bar chef" for Cafe Adelaide & the Swizzle Stick Bar, a contemporary Creole restaurant run by another branch of the Brennan family within the 285-room Loews Hotel.
A GUITAR-SHAPED cocktail stir for Hard Rock Care, a surfboard swizzle stick for Disney World and countless more styles for other restaurants and casinos are all made in Indiana.
As a band, 22-20s have distilled the spirit of rock 'n' roll, added a stiff dash of British blues, and put The Stones on a swizzle stick to make the most intoxicating cocktail a heady rush that excites from the first, searing chord.
The festival offers more parties than you can shake a swizzle stick at, starting with the opening night After Party Jan.
Pour into a highball glass, top up with soda water and serve with a sugar swizzle stick.
Top with a good splash of soda water and swizzle stick.
After boarding, passengers will get a welcome cocktail served in a purple glass with a stylish swizzle stick.
Lu Brow, bar chef at the Creole cuisine Cafe Adelaide and the Swizzle Stick Bar, both in the 285-room Loews New Orleans Hotel, stresses that it's "really important to check out employed history, length of employment and recommendations.
Pierce the fruit star with a skewer and use it as a swizzle stick.
But you can also find a teapot and teacup, a martini glass with olive and swizzle stick, a telephone ringing off the hook, even a UFO with alien inside.
Decorate with small whole fruits and add a swizzle stick.