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Synonyms for swivet

a condition of excited distress

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a panic or extreme discomposure

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To imagine performing the marriage vows puts me into a swivet, for this speech act entails a being-togetherness until I die or am abandoned.
In March 2001, stations in Philadelphia, New York and Boston had the audience in a swivet over an approaching "winter blast of historic proportions" that TV forecasters said could dump more than 2 feet of snow on the region.
95) is a savior for the absentminded, constantly in a swivet over having mislaid the cell phone, TV remote, eyeglasses, car keys, or even--oh irony
I speak of a time, of course, in a great swivet over conformity, inauthenticity, and sterility, for which the elixirs of literary creation were thought to be antidotes.
The complainant was (I opine) wrong, but she was not crazy or stupid; and I was able later to see that I did bear some responsibility for the whole nasty administrative swivet.