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the act of changing one thing or position for another


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I stuck some wax into his keyhole as he was switching off the lights.
And over the top rail a horse looked drowsily on, ever and anon, at mathematically precise intervals, switching a lazy tail that flashed high lights in the sunshine.
The first is Voice over IP (VoIP) and following not too far behind is intelligent switching.
The high-capacity tandem switch can serve dual purposes as an access point for network traffic entering and exiting a carrier's local network, and as the center in a "hub-and-spoke" architecture, switching voice and data traffic between multiple end offices.
Cisco Systems [R] today addressed key customer trends that are driving change in the data center with new products and offerings for its Cisco[R] Catalyst[R] switching portfolio that help enable more scalable architectures, easier operational manageability, and comprehensive resilience.
B) has announced the world's fastest switching chip that has the potential to revolutionize the economics, size, and multi-service performance and flexibility of communications network infrastructure equipment and consumer electronics devices for the next several years.
Given a pair of PC-AL loops that connect a pair of controllers to one or more JBQDs, there are two back-end switching topologies that can be added.
Level 3 encompasses SMB Managed Switches that provide efficient Gigabit Ethernet switching for bandwidth-intensive networks, and include a targeted set of management features for true network management in a mid-sized network environment.
The V-Switch is a breakthrough switching product that enables next generation digital loop carriers (NGDLCs) to operate independently of the Class 5 switch by providing dial tone and services directly to the access device.
However, although the desire to introduce switching to SANs is quite clear, it is not without its challenges.
com/reports/c34226) has announced the addition of Customer Switching Behaviours & Intentions In The Australian Electricity Market to their offering
has begun demonstrating two unique optical switching systems in conjunction with its dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM) system, the Advanced Multiservice Network (AMN) 6100.
Powerful network processors, low-cost transceivers, multi-channel serial backplane interconnects, and high-speed synchronous serial switch fabrics simplify designers' hardware implementation tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their value-adds such as higher layer switching capability, media flexibility, and network management.
3Com Corporation today announced that in an independent performance test conducted by The Tolly Group, one of the most influential testing validation firms in North America, the 3Com(R) Switch 5500G-EI proved to be a superior alternative to the Cisco Catalyst 3750G-48TS switch for enterprise-class switching capabilities.
In the past year, various advancements such as accelerated network performance via Gigabit Ethernet and Layer 3 switching have removed the router bottleneck.