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a baseball player who can bat either right or left handed

slang term for a bisexual person

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Indiana native Max Carey enjoyed a fine career as a switch-hitter with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Brooklyn Robins.
But 2004 Olympic bronzemedalist Dirrell (18-0, 13KOs), a skilful switch-hitter, is full of confidence heading into the first fight of a six-man tournament.
Martinez, the three-time All-Star switch-hitter, has a reasonable $7 million contract option for 2010.
Woodhouse, an aggressive switch-hitter, said: "I'm going to smash him to pieces and he's going to wish he had never got into the ring with me.
He's a switch-hitter who looks real good on the left side and the right side doesn't look like its up to the left one, but whose is when you are a switch-hitter?
However, the Bradford switch-hitter managed to pin his opponent down in the second half of the fight.
Bradford switch-hitter Witter, 32, said: "Winning the world title, something I've worked so hard and waited so long for, would be the biggest result for me.
But Bradford switch-hitter Witter, who has long craved a domestic dust-up with the 27-year-old Mancunian, looks likely to get a shot at the flashy American first after being installed as the WBC's mandatory challenger.
Khan knows he can expect a decent test from the 28-year-old Thorpe, an awkward switch-hitter trained in the Brendan Ingle style before recently defecting to David Coldwell.
The switch-hitter from Sheffield picked up his eighth straight victory when he halted Alan Gilbert on last weekend's Bolton card, but the watching Lockett was unimpressed.
But he lost by a three-point margin - despite putting the slippery Sheffield switch-hitter down in both the second and fourth rounds.
Switch-hitter Hare responded to that setback by crushing Swansea's Jason Williams in two rounds at Bridgend earlier this month.
Sunderland's Michael Johnson smothered most things Stephen O'Driscoll threw at him in the penultimate bout but was outworked by the switch-hitter.