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Synonyms for swirl

Synonyms for swirl

to move or cause to move like a rapid rotary current of liquid


to rotate rapidly

to have the sensation of turning in circles

Synonyms for swirl

the shape of something rotating rapidly

turn in a twisting or spinning motion

flow in a circular current, of liquids

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We note that the temperature increases the lateral ends of the jets through the reverse swirl that influences the azimuthal development of the jet from one station to another.
It was concluded from small-scale tests that the original four-bladed, axial-flow impeller located near the bottom could be made to provide improved off-bottom suspension and dramatically better mixing at approximately the same power input by using swirl flow after the tank baffles were removed.
A swirl ejector which employs the swirl control to adjust motive nozzle restrictiveness differs from a conventional ejector in that an adjustable swirl is generated at the ejector motive inlet, as is shown in Figure 3.
The axial swirler is adopted inside a burner and varied with different swirl vane angles.
Swirl Whirl Yogurt Buffet is an interactive experience, with customers creating their own frozen dessert concoctions from over 20 yogurt flavors (containing the benefit of probiotics) and 60 toppings.
They find that the swirling of the flow elevates heat transfer in the channels, and two distinct regions can be identified in the friction factor and Nusselt number plots, namely, a no-swirl and a swirl region.
The velocity profiles are shown for various inlet swirl angles 0[degrees], 10[degrees], 15[degrees], 20[degrees]and 25[degrees].
This paper describes the design methodology for pressure swirl atomizer of tubular type combustion chamber for micro gas turbine.
Swirl represents a vortex - a central point for both traffic and people visiting the development.
1 : a spinning mass or motion : eddy <a swirl of water>
SWIRL involves Victoria University staff and students working in remote communities and schools to conduct a range of activities such as story telling, games and sport, bush tucker, hunting and gathering, that lead to story writing with children.
SWIRL air nozzles from Delavan will help users in chemical and process industries maintain process continuity, increase plant productivity, quality, product yields and meet stringent environmental standards.
THE paedophile dubbed Mr Swirl should be jailed for life in a bid to curb illegal sex tourism, child protection experts said.
LADY MARLBORO (Jimmy Jerkens) and Sugar Swirl (Brian Lynch) top the eight-horse field.