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a tight-fitting cap that keeps hair dry while swimming


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Her appearance had been in doubt due to wrangling days over whether judo authorities would allow her to wear an Islamic headscarf while competing, but in the end she entered the arena wearing something akin to a swimming cap.
Then donning my ear plugs and swimming cap - and looking remarkably like Mrs Shrek - I swam a few lengths.
I first dared to dye at the tender age of 13, and I can still remember the pain as I sat on a wooden chair in the middle of our kitchen while the hairdresser dragged my hair through the holes of a swimming cap, hoping for a head of subtle, shimmering highlights at the end.
If youeCOre not one to wear a swimming cap, remember that any barrier between your hair and the salt or chlorine will help protect it.
We were in a deluxe room, complete with complementary bathrobes and slippers, champagne on ice and handmade heartshaped chocolate - as well as a free swimming cap each for us to try the leisure facilities out.
It was so exciting to have that swimming cap on with the U.
In twinning sport and health, as figures like Sharron inevitably do, it creates the impression that to be fit you have take part in an activity like hitting a shuttlecock over a net or butterflying down a pool with a swimming cap and goggles on.
Heath's only defense was a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.
The earphones tend to slip out, however, a swimming cap will help keep them in place.
He is into KATE ON Among the 600-plus gifts he was given in Australia were sheepskin boots, a possum-skin cloak and a surfing shirt and swimming cap.
Tonight Alfie and Terry make a desperate bid for attention by getting in drag, but even here they're trumped by Mick Carter in a swimming cap and goggles as he tries to conquer his fear of water.
She likes to wear her hair short, to avoid as much as possible having to wear a swimming cap," The Daily Mail quoted Shiwen's father, Ye Qingsong, as saying.
Vollmer swam half the record-setting race without her swimming cap.
As darkness fell at 9pm, hundreds of people cheered at the little harbour at Holyhead Sailing Club as Ronan, wearing a black wet suit, pink swimming cap and flippers, made the sign of the cross and took his first steps into the water.