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Synonyms for swimmer

a trained athlete who participates in swimming meets

a person who travels through the water by swimming

References in classic literature ?
This amazing swimmer really needed the lift I gave him by seizing his leg.
He was a good swimmer, and nothing exhilarated him like a rough sea.
Through them, like a struggling swimmer in broken water, came the perplexing question, what am I to do to-morrow?
The fish was frightened, and it was a strong swimmer.
It was evident that the brute either was no swimmer or else was severely in-jured, for by now he was making practically no head-way.
And from the opposite bank a sinister ripple, unseen by either man, moving steadily toward the half-naked swimmer.
The panglima Ninaka of the Signana Dyaks who manned Muda Saffir's war prahu saw his chief disappear beneath the swift waters of the river, but the word of command that would have sent the boat hurriedly back to pick up the swimmer was not given.
The sea was quiet, so that the wreck had only a gently undulating motion, that was nothing to the swimmer who had had no sleep for twenty hours.
I am expert enough as a swimmer to save both of us.
But sharks were sharks, and he had known of more than one good swimmer drowned in a tide-rip.
This was the predicament of the pirates: because of the big run-out, the tide was now rushing back like a mill-race, and it was impossible for the strongest swimmer in the world to make against it the three miles to the sloops.
Alexander was a strong swimmer, but he had gone scarcely a dozen strokes when the bridge itself, which had been settling faster and faster, crashed into the water behind him.
Yet the current was swift and strong, and, good swimmer as he was, it was no easy task which Alleyne had set himself.
I was a good swimmer, and in my inflamed condition the contact of the water with my skin soothed me like cool linen.
I am a strong swimmer, and had no doubt as to my ability to cross the river, but I was not so sure about Victory, so I swam close behind her, to be ready to give her assistance should she need it.