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Synonyms for swilling

the drinking of large mouthfuls rapidly

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Swilling has been in banking for 10 years and previously worked with SCBT in Athens as a Vice President and Commercial Lender.
For about 10 months it was a fight every day," Swilling said.
Not only did we have to put up with the beer swilling louts, but people down at the front of the audit orium stood up right through the concert and the stewards made no attempt to make them sit down.
Geordies are known for swilling back Newcastle Brown Ale and pigeon racing but the latest research says we actually prefer trainspotting.
Swilling, an adventurer who first noticed the remnants of the Hohokum system.
CLOSE your eyes at this gig and you could easily picture tumbleweed rolling past a scene of baccy- chewing rednecks sitting on the porch, swilling moonshine and yee-hawing their hearts out.
However, these and other researchers say they don't recommend excessive swilling of cola or any other carbonated drink.
We chose JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services because of our long standing relationship with the firm, the high level of quality service they have delivered over the years, and the overall efficiencies to be realized" said Lawrence Swilling, Controller, UJA - Federation of New York.
That issue's Gen F star XXXchange DJ'd slow moving soul and steady rock for a small crowd of FADER fanatics swilling endless free Bass Ale in the cozy nook of Heather's bar in the East Village.
When he's not swilling it down, Davidson rubs it over his skin as if the ``click'' of serenity he's waiting to achieve will arrive faster if the whiskey can soak through his pores.
The larger than life comic - famous for his Guinness- swilling antics - downed the black stuff in the Billy Rox bar at Folly Hall before moving on to Centrefolds lapdancing club in Chapel Hill.
She navigated by the stars, saved water by swilling it round her mouth and said prayers aloud to scare off dangerous animals, as she had seen on TV.