swill down

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  • verb

Synonyms for swill down

drink large quantities of (liquid, especially alcoholic drink)


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As well as the tunes from these two records, beer festival goers can expect to swill down their ales with the sounds of top indie, rock and blues tunes from the past 40 years.
Having struggled for years trying to cook turkeys properly, my preference is for scientists to invent a pill equivalent which we can swill down with a slug of Baileys.
Of course, the cuties that roamed the massive space couldn't think of eating, choosing instead to swill down gallons of Stoli vodka as they catwalked through the crowds.
I am aware of the lore that permitted sailors of yore to swill down a ration of grog on a daily basis.
My wife Maria, who refuses to kill any living creature, thought it was more humane to give it a quick swill down the plughole, in the expectation that it would climb up the overflow pipe and be safe.
And a cuppa to swill down breakfast is getting more costly with a pounds 1.