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swift of eastern Asia

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1987) Structure of the monosialyl oligosaccharides derived from salivary gland mucin glycoproteins of the Chinese swiftlet (Genus Collocalia).
The company currently runs or develops 14 swiftlet parks, 13 on Peninsular Malaysia and one in the eastern province of Sarawak.
In addition, the conventional FTIR method was used in past to identify the quality of EBN from Collocalia esculenta of swiftlet species [1].
The diet of the White-rumped Swiftlet (Aerodramus spodiopygius) in Queensland's savannah.
Introduced by prominent Chinese admiral Cheng He, swiftlet nests are among the most expensive animal products.
Take bird's nest soup, made from the nests of the cave swiftlet.
Banteng Barking deer Butterfly Cevit Chinese flancolin Crocodile Eld's deer Elephant Gaur Gibbon Goral Green peafowl Himalayan bear Hog budger Hog deer Marine Turtle Mouse deer Mythun Peacock Jungle fowl Leopard Otter Pangolin Porcupine Quail Rhesus macaque Rhinoceros Sambar Serow Swiftlet Tiger Wild boar Wild cat Wild dog
Another species, the Guam swiftlet, uses the karst in a different way: It dwells in caves that form in the eroding limestone.
Bird's nest soup is made from the nest of the tiny swiftlet.
Tenders are invited for Sale Of Edible Swiftlet Nest (Raw) From The Forest Of North & Middle Andaman
2015 Terrestrial LiDAR-based automated counting of swiftlet nests in the caves of Gomantong, Sabah, Borneo.
Found predominantly in caves in South-East Asia, the swiftlet is the only bird in the world that makes its nest from its own saliva.
Scientists have typically relied on characteristics beyond size, shape, and color to distinguish the members of one swiftlet species from those of another, simply because the birds have so few distinguishing features, he notes.
Although 27-year-old Jamil Amad is gifted at spotting wildlife, having worked for years on a team that collects prized swiftlet nests--the key ingredient for the delicacy bird's nest soup-- he took a job at the Sukau Rainforest Lodge for better pay and fewer risks.