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Synonyms for sweptback

(especially of aircraft wings) angled rearward from the point of attachment

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used of hair


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Lockheed Martin continued to work (reportedly under company funding) on a stealthy high-altitude drone, returning to a conventional sweptback flying-wing design.
We've comprehensively reworked the front end, with a new deep bumper and integrated fog lamps on TR and SR models, new sweptback headlamps, a revised bonnet profile with stronger crease lines and a grille that adopts the new family identity established by the latest generation Avensis and Verso," said a Toyota spokesman.
The BMW Z4 is a two-seater, gorgeous-looking convertible sportscar with classic proportions a long hood, a negligible tail, and a sweptback cabin.
In fact, with drag by viscous effects and due to the sweptback geometry for the aileron, a small, positive aerodynamic moment appears.
Defining the flippers' shapes as triangular, swept pointed or swept rounded, the team used computer simulations of the fluid flows around the flippers and found that sweptback flippers generate lift like modern delta wing aircraft.
The Hollywood hunk, 47, poses in slick tuxedo and sweptback hair with five glam ladies for the launch of the store's festive TV ad today.
But she had a sideline in cleverly composed portraits of doppelgangers and fractured selves, spiced with Eastern European references (big, sweptback hairstyles; accordions) that tested how much tension, contradiction, and illogic one could pack into a painting.
In that same year the SS range was upgraded, with more powerful engines, longer chassis and sweptback wings.
And if anybody made a bigger fool of himself than Britain's top skier, Edinburgh-born Alain Baxter, who dyed his hair blue and white in the shape of a St Andrew's Cross, it was surely the SNP's John Swinney, who started tearing his own sweptback locks out about the 'outrageous' treatment meted out to Alain by the international Olympic Committee.
4, 1948, the three jet- and rocket-powered Skyrockets explored the new but unproven design of sweptback wings.
The vehicle features an all-new grille, sweptback head-lamps, LED daytime running lamps, new fog-lamps, pronounced wheel-arches, all-new rear bumper and refurbished tail-lamps, and interiors with automatic climate control, power windows, steering-mounted controls, touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB and AUX-IN.
Employing the latest Ford global design language, the S-MAX Concept sports a high mounted grille, sweptback headlamps and a lower fascia with 'floating' elements, while other design cues include a feature line running along the flank to create an impression of length and speed.
The Kingston Trio looked good with their sweptback hair and striped shirts, later copied by the Beach Boys.
With a conventional bulb keel, she is a striking-looking racing boat, with a long bowsprit protruding from a powerful, beamy hull driven by a sweptback spreader rig.