swelled head

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Synonyms for swelled head

an exaggerated belief in one's own importance

Synonyms for swelled head

an exaggerated opinion of your own importance

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Substantial mirth seems promised by the prospect of Hackman playing Monroe "Eagle" Cole, who has just left the oval office after two massively successful terms and now brings his swelled head to Mooseport, where he has previously summered.
When I flew back home for a visit, she had me clean all the toilets to make sure I didn't get a swelled head," he said.
So it is somewhere between megalomania, a swelled head and simply not being entirely realistic economically and logistically that Switzerland finds itself with regard to "its" airline, Swissair.
Lest you think I am getting a swelled head over this, I have to admit that a few people did mistake me for a certain flat tax-loving presidential candidate.
Indignation, quarreling, swelled head, contumely, clamor, and blasphemy served to warn people, allegorically, of the characteristic appearances of their own uncomely moods.
It's extremely rare for a North American-trained soccer player to perform in such elite company, but the modest six-foot-tall, 160 pound centre-forward isn't getting a swelled head.
The Jones affair is not an Anita Hill rerun any more than Lani Guinier was Judge Bork turned on his swelled head.
To this day, whenever I start getting a swelled head,