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feeling self-importance

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It appears that WFT2, containing 7 phr more DC-40C, swelled significantly less and slower than WFT1, as shown in figure 3.
The swell pressure of the specimen was determined by loading the swelled specimen in various increments (Sridharan et al.
At the initial moist content of 20% the soil swelled rapidly, whereas at the higher moist content the swelling rate was much slower.
2 : to grow or make bigger (as in size or value) <The town's population swelled.
My ankle swelled to size of my calf, and I was in a boot for two months.
According to the results given in Table 1, the SLIG samples after three swelling measurements swelled reversibly, and the height of dry bed of coal samples did not change due to re-swelling.
Half of those stings were inflicted on my right ear, which, 24 hours later, suddenly swelled up several inches in all directions.