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Synonyms for sweeten




Synonyms for sweeten

to make superficially more acceptable or appealing

Synonyms for sweeten

make sweeter, more pleasant, or more agreeable

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Sawyer Sweeten was a toddler when the series began.
The ban prevents Sweeten from going to watch any senior football team in the UK or travelling abroad to watch them play.
Sweeten says, "When I discovered the nationwide group of independent Business Buyer Advocates, I recognized it was a great opportunity for me to share my passion for buying and selling businesses and my insights into building and managing companies.
Sweeten adds that 600 Group will be maintaining control over the new engine lathes' reputation.
Mr Sweeten joined engineering specialists The 600 Group PLC in 1972 as Production Manager of TS Harrison.
Sweeten attributes the factory-equipment manufacturer's rebound to its strategic policy, of addressing the fact 1.
Recently, monk fruit was also added as a key ingredient to sweeten its product offering.
NOTE: Sweeten stars by sprinkling with granulated sugar before baking, if desired.
Aspartame and acesulfame potassium are used to sweeten the product.
by May 16 - just in time to sweeten summer for SPLENDA(R) Brand Sweetener lovers.
Diversified was invited by a potential client to sweeten 225,000 litres of sour condensate containing 8,000 parts per million of H2S, which is considered a high concentration.