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Synonyms for sweet-smelling

having a natural fragrance

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Fragrance pearls in a discrete air-freshener at the bottom of the bottle emit a continuous, sweet-smelling scent for up to 30 days.
The Coventry University students, who were out shopping in Coventry city centre, happily posed for pictures with the sweet-smelling Romeo.
POP diva Mariah Carey has sealed a sweet-smelling deal to develop her own perfume for Elizabeth Arden.
AN INVESTIGATION was being completed last night into claims sweet-smelling fumes at a North Wales hospital may have led to a receptionist's death.
The sweet-smelling goodies have been donated to Nightstop Teesside, which provides support for homeless people aged 16-25.
Feed the need with these sweet-smelling incredible inedibles.
The toilets are spotlessly clean and sweet-smelling which would be a welcome relief from the disgusting, foul-smelling places we have to encounter at present.
offers insect repellent products that are DEET-free and 70 percent organic, including a repellent lotion ($6) made from an intoxicating blend of essential oils and a sweet-smelling spray ($7) that bugs abhor.
He describes his Grade 1 monthly preparations for Confession: "We were surrounded by "sacramentals" - holy water, the sweet-smelling.
As large-scale agriculture shifts west and portions of the northeastern United States return to woods, forest recovery and species diversity are being challenged by a sweet-smelling but aggressive adversary, honeysuckle.
The latest sweet-smelling weapon to be used in the supermarket wars is being adopted by Asda.
Uncle Mike loads bales of sweet-smelling straw onto his wagon and hooks it to his tractor.
After the first verse of Tantum Ergo, another hymn, the same sweet-smelling smoke ritual occurred again.
The male pheromone consists of a mixture of a rare form of linalool--a sweet-smelling oil otherwise found only in coriander seeds--and cresols, a component of a coal tar.
Bring the outdoors in with rustic, sweet-smelling baskets made from the tall, wild grasses proliferating in vacant lots, along roadsides, or perhaps in an unruly corner of your own back yard.