sweet talk

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flattery designed to gain favor

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Once he became sure they were truly infatuated with him and believed his sweet talk, he told each that his old father was suffering from physical ailments and needed financial assistance for his treatment.
Niki Sweet Talk Moves"--a play on the Inuktitut word "nikisuittuq" for the North Star or "never moves"--tells the story of Wyn Baker, a cynical investigative reporter, down on her luck, who heads into the Arctic wilds to meet the requirements of her father's will.
She has since gone on to enjoy international success with songs like Sweet Little Dangerous, Sweet Talk, Love Me a Little Bit Longer, Little Chapel and Indigo Moon.
Mr Blair is now attempting to sweet talk a former major sponsor of terrorism into putting his past behind him.
An e-mail message system at the Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull Hospitals NHS Trust was swamped by disussions about favourite sexual positions, suggestive sweet talk and massage parlours.
The Sweet Talk SMS reminder service is aimed primarily at young people with Type I diabetes in the UK.
Apparently, he was speaking out at a London debate on Racism in Welsh Politics and quite possibly impaling verbally those who had kindly offered him sweet talk in the form of Tryweryn Sauvignon '63 and leek sandwiches no doubt.
The comments follow the announcement of the release of a Kuwaiti detainee, but Kuwait dismissed it as "sweet talk", with Kuwaiti Information Minister Shaikh Ahmad Fahd Sabah saying: "Today we hear new words from Iraq, carrying within it sweet talk but we have not seen actions to confirm this talk and rebuild confidence and the return of rights".
ACTRESS Daniela Nardini had to sweet talk her way into her own big screen debut yesterday.
He also warns fellow CEOs to be especially skeptical of technology vendors' sweet talk about all they can accomplish, especially as many divert their top people to deal with the burgeoning Y2K problem (see page 21).
When she greets his sweet talk and threats with disdain, he terrorizes Buck Lister (Andrew Scorer), an ex-lover Bubbles is still fond of, into a plot to ruin her.
Goodyear is wasting its time and money thinking it can sweet talk members from this Local into scabbing," says Mark Cieslikowski, President of USW Local 850 representing Continental Tire workers.
Suddenly he started with sweet talk and told me my eyes are beautiful.
HARRY REDKNAPP has joined the fight to save his old club Portsmouth by promising to sweet talk Kanu into dropping a claim for pounds 3million in wages.
Having taken possession of a rather powerful car I was promptly stopped at a recorded speed of 105 mph and although I thought that I had managed to sweet talk my way out of the repercussions I received a court summons for last week.