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perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots

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The story of Sweet Root restaurant begins with an appreciation of local tradition, the beautiful seasons of Lithuanian nature, the pure flavour of ingredients, and a desire to bring back a true emotion to the plate.
Home-cooking has been replaced by fast food and pre-packaged meals, while gardening has become more of a curiosity than a norm--and both of these trends have conspired against this sweet root vegetable.
This sweet root is compatible with just about any cooking method, whether baked, steamed, simmered, sauteed, or sliced and fried like chips.
They found that a pill containing the sweet root cuts the number of hot flushes women experience by up to 80 per cent, as well as helping to keep bones strong without any side effects.
So, yes, spices work incredibly well with sweet root vegetables, and it's in this week's recipe that we combine the luxurious soft flesh of the pumpkin with the flavours of Thailand.