sweet potato vine

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pantropical vine widely cultivated in several varieties for its large sweet tuberous root with orange flesh

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Ensiled and dry cassava leaves, and sweet potato vines as a protein source in diets for growing Vietnamese Large White x Mong cai pigs.
The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of replacing 50 and 100% of berseem hay in rabbit diets by ensiled and dried sweet potato vines on growth performance and carcass traits of growing New Zealand White rabbits
Imagine a planting of this colorful variety with a contrasting companion of 'Marguerite' sweet potato vine for a real statement.
At about the same time, you'll discover a large tuber growing in the soil - hence the name sweet potato vine - but it's not edible.
Fringe it with 'Angelina' sedum and sweet potato vine.
indicum), a low nutrient forage crop, sweet potato vines supported higher weight gains in goats than either the Batiki grass or the sweet potato vines alone (AREGHEORE, 2004).
Will foliage be featured by drawing from the incredible selection of coleus, iresene, ivies and ferns or will you make use of the dwarf cannas, sweet potato vines, dahlias and fancy leaved caladium.
I'm learning sweet potato vines are used for landscape groundcover, but you're growing food at the same time.
The sweet potato vines were harvested at 120th days of transplanting.
In 2005 and 2006 cropping seasons, planting was done on May 13 each year while in 2007 cropping season, planting was done on May 20, 2007, Sweet potato vines (Owo local variety) about 40 cm long were planted on the prepared seedbeds at a spacing of 1 m x 1 m, giving a population of 10,000 plants ha-1.
Sometimes Hawaiians made leis from seaweed, shells, ferns, or sweet potato vines.
October 1--First frost of the season killed some of the top growth on the sweet potato vines.
In addition, the CP content in the DM of sweet potato vines (vines and leaves) ranges from 16 to 29% (Dung, 2001) and the protein has a reasonable amino acid (AA) pattern (Woolfe, 1992; Ishida et al.
TIP OF THE WEEK: For a hanging basket or container in filtered sun, consider a combination of two ornamental sweet potato vines.
There are several sweet potato vines for outdoors, sold in containers as vining plants, that are quite stunning.