sweet oil

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mild vegetable oil when used as food

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Crude production from the Bakken is poised to hit the 1 million b/d mark in 2014 and the growing production of the light, sweet oil has made it very attractively priced for refiners on both the East and West Coast.
They calculate that the elimination of all the stabilization facilities in Saudi Arabia would reduce exports by almost 75 percent, limiting Saudi exports to naturally sweet oil that lacks impurities and doesn't have to go through the stabilization facilities.
He said the Simmons analysis was based on numbers that only included Saudi Arabia's sweet oil reserves - because Riyadh didn't bother in those days to keep a tally of what was seen as useless sour crude.
Glencore was awarded the largest share among Europe's trading majors, and will lift three cargoes of Libya's prized sweet oil per month.
Stewart describes these fault lines as a rich environment for foreign meddling by both neighboring nations and contending great powers--in particular China, which has a head start in capturing access to Libyan sweet oil.
One structure extending into Syria's Deir ez-Zor is rich in sweet oil.
The Libyan unrest is lasting longer than expected and creating a shortage of light, sweet oil.
Saudi Arabia tried to replicate Libya's very low sulphur, high quality sweet oil with a special blend of crude, but refiners have only bought 2 million barrels of the blend.
Egypt is also a major producer of sweet oil, a high-quality light oil, which commands high prices.
The discovery of a sweet oil reservoir of such proportions.
The salad was an excellent mix of greens with tomato, onions, olives, cucumber and grated Gorgonzola cheese with a light, sweet oil and vinegar dressing.
Williams's earlier tantrums, flag-related or not, had prompted former prime minister Paul Martin--facing the 2004 election--to grant Newfoundland and Nova Scotia ridiculously sweet oil revenue deals.
Sweet oil may be oil of camphor, olive oil, or coconut oil.
The sweet chilli packed a throat-catching punch while the rather thick combination of peanuts, cucumber, onions and a light sweet oil was a little on the bland side and didn't add much to the food.
Projects include conventional light sweet oil developments with quick cash netbacks and unconventional long-term heavy oil assets with blue-sky potential of several billions of barrels exploration and developments.