sweet nothings

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inconsequential expressions of affection

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15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Today, Blush Lingerie is launching LOVE NOTES, an online tool to help revolutionize romanticism, one heart-melting sweet nothing at a time.
Whisper sweet nothings into her ear by shouting "do you want a cuppa?
And we will study how this primordial union begets the mystery of Zeno's arrow stitching the sky across a battlefield, or begets the way sweet nothings from a random-dialing jailhouse phone might morbidly prick the pulse.
Summary: Treat your Valentine to a romantic two or three course meal at THE One Deli in Jumeirah, Dubai, or THE One Restaurant in Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi and choose from a range of Tempting Teasers, Main Attractions and Sweet Nothings at prices you'll simply adore
The crooner even steered Camilla to a quiet corner where they held hands while he whispered sweet nothings to her, and she threw back her hair, giggling flirtatiously.
In no time at all I was in a chat room exchanging sweet nothings with a 22-year-old air hostess called Sharon who looked a lot like Nicole Appleton from All Saints.
Although both male and female roaches hiss loudly at a person who picks them up, in courtship, the males are "whispering sweet nothings," says Moore.
When lovers stroll hand in hand Whispering sweet nothings And blossom gently scents the air Fanned by a calming breeze.
And she said David would get hot under the collar when he heard her whisper sweet nothings in Spanish.
Not only are we bombarded with images of Kylie strutting her stuff on the stage in skimpy outfits and the press obsession with her on-off relationship with James Gooding, we now have to suffer a Madame Tussaud's waxwork that whispers sweet nothings into your ear.
Wendy admitted she and partner Neil Tatler frolicked just feet away from the parrot, uttering sweet nothings to each other.
Among our favorites: Soy Delicious Fruit Sweetened Raspberry or Carob Peppermint (think frozen Peppermint Patties), Sweet Nothings Chocolate, and Soy Dream Strawberry Swirl.
NEW YORK-These days, uttering sales numbers in someone's ear seems riskier than whispering sweet nothings.
Grand Central Terminal has been designated "Cupid Central" for the day as sweethearts convene to send off sweet nothings.
Melbourne, October 5 ( ANI ): Shane Warne and his fiancee Elizabeth Hurley are back to posting sweet nothings to each other on Twitter.