sweet lime

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lemon tree having fruit with a somewhat insipid sweetish pulp

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Moderately acidic, they are very juicy and somewhat sweeter than true lemons, with hints of mandarin and sweet lime.
packed cell volume, fresh cell weight, dry cell weight and growth index of Kinnow and Sweet lime.
Most microsatellites could very easily differentiate at the species level but individual cultivars within Lemon group Acid lime and Sweet lime which were thought to be evolved by mutation were not distinguishable.
SEASONAL BERRIES WITH SWEET LIME GLAZE 1 cup each: fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and sliced strawberries Zest and juice of 2 limes 1/2 cup confectioners'sugar
Pair pomelo with shredded carrots, avocado and peanuts, or try it with sweet lime vinaigrette with mint and cilantro.
Sweet lime, oranges and berries help to maintain healthy skin.
Adult specimens were collected monthly in the following groves: 1) sweet lime (C.
Jalna, which is known for being the biggest producer of sweet lime, has been the worst- hit in the drought.
This seasonal offering, introduced in March and available until stocks run out, is laden with sweet lime and yogurt ice cream in combination with papaya and yogurt cream covered with papaya chunks and fluffy light sponge cubes, then garnished with milk comfit.
An ancient hybrid of the sweet lime and sour orange is the berg a mot, grown primarily in Italy, a citrus that today is particularly valued for the clean, floral aroma of its oil.
Abuelo's new Blood Orange Margarita is a blend of Patron Tequila, Citronge, sweet lime and sweet-tart Blood Orange puree.
16 Kilowatt solar power system to provide alternative energy to Seaview Ranch, one of the largest kumquat and sweet lime suppliers in the US.
In addition to Indian cooking sauces, the Meena's range includes delicious Indian accompaniments, ranging from Cool Mint Raita, to Sweet Lime Pickle, Spicy Onion & Tomato Relish and Mango Chutney.
Other attractions of this fruit show included gigantic fruit sculptures such as a pineapple made of 1,500 pineapples and a sweet lime, which consisted of 2,500 specimens of sweet limes.
The perfume princess now brings us Sweet Lime & Cedar Dry Body Oil - natural, nourishing oil infused with her sensual Thai inspired fragrance.