sweet gum tree

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a North American tree of the genus Liquidambar having prickly spherical fruit clusters and fragrant sap

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The site is rapidly becoming a forest of volunteer pine and sweet gum trees, with some other woody plants in the mix.
We have many large oak, maple, elm and sweet gum trees on our property.
Most of the public trees on the street were cleared last year, and the street was reforested with sweet gum trees.
LTD should celebrate the opening of its new bus line with the planting of 300 American sweet gum trees, which, besides being exceedingly aesthetically pleasing, are also among the most carbon dioxide-absorbing trees.
There are azaleas, Indian hawthorn, heavenly bamboo, sweet gum trees and Japanese black pine, among some 50 varieties of shrubs and trees.
In April 2007, 31 Sweet Gum trees from Maryland were dug and transferred to the holding facility.
Then he scratches battlefields in the dirt with a stick, and puts his Battle of the Somme between the sweet gum trees.
American sweet gum trees are important sources of lumber and veneer in the United States but the heartwood and sapwood are marketed separately.
We cleared about five acres of land for more pasture and now have sweet gum trees sprouting up everywhere from leftover underground roots.
One-third of each agricultural bay will be planted with loblolly pine, redbud, and sweet gum trees, to demonstrate how the forests-and the timber industry-of the Southeast would hold up under increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide.