sweet granadilla

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In the greenhouse, in seedlings of sweet granadilla of both accessions were measured leaf area, total dry weight, dry weight of the stem, leaves and roots of each seedling at 15 days after initiating the emergency, from KN[O.
3] was the concentration that was further selected for testing germination of sweet granadilla seeds (Table 1).
Under greenhouse conditions, RB treatment had the highest decrease of PG compared to other treatments (Table 2), and this occurred in seeds of two accessions of sweet granadilla and seeds of yellow passion fruit.
In seeds of sweet granadilla, the response of PG varied among accessions, although both the ANOVA indicated a significant effect (P <0.
In this context, it is likely that there were differences in the nitrate content of seeds among the accessions of sweet granadilla, a factor that could affect the responses to the application of KN[O.
Importantly, the values of germination in controls and those of MGR and MGT in all treatments were better and more homogeneous in seeds of yellow passion fruit than in two accessions of sweet granadilla (Table 2).
2009), suggesting physiological dormancy mechanisms in seeds of sweet granadilla.